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5 Beautifully Furbished Homes Not More Than $30,000

So it’s nearing the end of the year and you’re sitting at your desk doing serious budget planning. Maybe you feel like your house could do with a little patching up. You want a refreshing look for the living room. That couch has been sitting there for the longest time and needs to go, the refrigerator needs an upgrade, and so on and so forth. And maybe you’ve only got so much allocated to your renovation fund. Fret not. There are plenty of ways to spiff up home sweet home without putting a huge hole in your wallet. Here are 5 abodes that have managed to accomplish that.






1. This beach-themed design is indeed something else. It practically makes me want to run outside, frolic in the summer sun, roll around in the hot sand, and have a quick dip in the salty waves of the ocean. Light hues of blue and green make a perfect combination and create an atmosphere of buoyancy and calmness.

Interior Designer: Urban Habitat Design
Location: Yishun Residence
Cost of renovation: $30,000





2. My favourite thing about this space: its cosy, orangey glow. It melds especially well with the shape and colour themes of the furniture, effectively accenting various features, especially the bright red sofa. It also adds a shine to the entire house.

Interior Designer: Ace Space Design
Location: Bedok Reservoir
Cost of renovation: $27,000






3. The entrance to this unique abode reminds me very much of typical cafe slash food court, which I believe was the designer’s every intention. I particularly love the little stickers that dictate various house rules and even operating hours. Nice touch. Here, earthy tones soothe the eyes and entices one to power down and completely relax.

Interior Designer: Diva’s Interior Design
Location: Pasir Ris Drive 1
Cost of renovation: $25,000





4. Lux Design has a knack for being bold and this is evident in the colour palettes they chose to work with for this project. Strong shades of dark orange and red alongside an assortment of peculiarly shaped furniture (yes, I’m looking at those adorable, curved dining chairs) really add an element of wow to this area.

Interior Designer: Lux Design
Location: 590C Montreal Dale
Cost of renovation: $25,000





5. Every homeowner desires a home they can be proud of. I know I’d definitely be able to showoff this 4-room HDB if I owned it. It is axiomatic that the industrial vibe is strong with this one — exposed pipes running across the ceilings, partially bricked walls, and ashy gradations.

Interior Designer: The Interior Lab
Location: Punggol
Cost of renovation: $25,000

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