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5 Amazing Ways To Transform Your Gaming Room From War Zone to Fab

Having your own gaming room can be quite a liberating thing; not only do you get to play games in the comfort of your private paradise, you also get to squirrel away your very own library of the latest games. It being an entertainment centre of sorts, electrical cords are bound to run all over the place and your table is likely to overflow with clutter. But your gaming room doesn’t have to look like the zombies have taken over, it too can look as stylish as the next IT room to impress your fellow geeks at future Magic gatherings. Here are 5 ways you can transform your gaming room from war zone to fabulous hideout.



1) Manage Your Unruly Cables

A universal bane for tech geeks everywhere, untamed wires are not only unsightly; they are literally a dust magnet that makes things difficult to clean. Even a robotic vacuum cleaner won’t be able to avoid the pesky predicament of getting entangled in the wires you leave on the floor. The solution? Get a cable management box or cable clips to organise your endless cables, cords, and wires. Under-the-desk baskets and charging stations that you can DIY yourself will also work wonderfully in keeping your wired mess in check. This simple step alone will give your room the freshening up it needs.


2) Organise Your Collection

You might like to think that clutter is a sign of your ingeniousness, but trust us when we say that no fabulous looking room looks like a tornado has gone through it. It’s fine to have large collections of comic books, games or even game consoles but keeping them organised is the ultimate key to making your room look good. For worthy storage solutions, consider built-in wall shelves or even sliding shelves like those you find in comic stores to maximise what space you have.

You can also get a couple of storage Ottomans to keep your numerous controllers and gaming gadgets in one convenient spot, which will also make a great seat for your guests!

Image source from BHG

3) Invest in Awesome Furniture

You haven’t quite reached the hikikomori (Japanese term that refers to reclusive people who shut themselves away from social interactions) status yet, but awesome furniture is still absolutely important for geeks who enjoy staying at home more than venturing out into the world. If you must have one statement piece, a gaming table like this one will definitely elevate you to an admirable rank among your peers. Be prepared to pay a hefty price though.

Image source from Geek Chic

4) Soundproof Your Room

We know how loud it can get when you game or when you’re hosting a particularly exciting board game where the stakes are high. But you wouldn’t want to disturb your family or worse, your neighbours, so you might want to consider soundproofing your room with noise insulation materials such as rockwool or NoiseBlock 3D Foam.


5) Colour Palette

Liven up your game room in colours that are inspired by your favourite games. Take Magic The Gathering™ for example; it’s a trading card game that draws heavily on fantasy elements, swashbuckling spell-slinging and magic summons (which explains the game’s use of strong primary colours against a neutral background in its package). To infuse your room with the game’s adventurous vibe, then try 2 or 3 of the following colours. For example, you may want to paint the walls an Electrifying Blue but use Absolutely Pink and Colleen Green as accents around the room.

Image source from Nippon Paint

Being a geek doesn’t mean that your room has to look like a war zone, you too can enjoy a beautiful room as much as the next fashion diva. If you think you have an awesome gaming room, don’t forget to share a photo of it with us on Facebook!

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