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40 Ingenious Ways To Store Your Shoe Collection!

40 Ingenious Ways To Store Your Shoe Collection

Taming an ever expanding shoe collection can be quite a Herculean challenge, especially when your family members are absolutely nuts over shoes!

In fact, shoe storage is one of the most overlooked areas during the renovation process. This is because many homeowners failed to realize that shoe storage goes beyond shelves and simple cabinets. Furthermore, apart from the volume of shoes, aesthetics and functionality, the other factors which will affect your choice of shoe storage solution include the types of shoes you have and their usage frequency.

Therefore, you should spend some time deliberating and planning how best to store and display the shoes with your renovation professionals.

Nevertheless, I have gathered 40 gorgeous stylish and practical shoe storage ideas, from custom shelving, re-purposed wooden crates to vintage cabinets! Hopefully by observing how other shoe fanatics display and organise their precious stiletto and sneaker collections, you can find inspiration for creating your very own dream shoe closet!

Re-purposed Wooden Crates & Pallets
Re-purposed old wooden crates and pallets are excellent, inexpensive shoe storage solutions, especially for slippers and sneakers. In addition, they are easily replaceable once they are dirty.

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Horizontal Poles & Rods

Instead of shelves, horizontal poles and rods make surprisingly good alternatives for organizing and displaying shoes. They are suitable for flats, pumps, sneakers and even stilettos!

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Ladders are surprisingly versatile; aside from using them to hand towels in the bathroom, they can be used to hang and display your prized stiletto collection elegantly. 

shoestorage_07Image from thenest

shoestorage_18Image from shelterness

Shoe Hangers & Wall Hooks
Shoes hangers are excellent compact shoe storage solution for slippers and even sneakers. Wall hooks keeps your shoe collections off the ground.

shoestorage_08Image from epbot

shoestorage_20Image from IKEA Grundtal rails


Image from shelterness

Re-purposed Coat Racks

Apparently, coat racks are also especially useful for organizing boots and even sneakers!

shoestorage_09Image from mamauk

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shoestorage_11Image from amberbeestyle

Wall-mounted Steel Rack

Get your renovation professionals to customize a steel rack to display your shoe collection  against the wall. This solution saves floor space and flaunts your shoe collection at the same time. The steel rack solution should work with heels, pumps, sneakers and even low cut boots.


Image from hgtv

Lazy Susan Shoe Rack

Build a rotatable lazy susan rack for your shoes with the help of your renovation professionals!

shoestorage_23Image from lovethispic


Image from revolvingorganizer

Industrial looking Copper Pipes

Homeowners who intend to use industrial interior theme in their homes would find customized industrial styled shoe rack made from copper pipes simply irresistible!

shoestorage_19Image from shelterness

shoestorage_24Image from home-dzine

Wired Racks

Due to hygiene reasons, you should only consider storing your new pairs of shoes in the wardrobe.


shoestorage_15Images from hgtv

shoestorage_39Image from homebnc

shoestorage_27Image from etsy

shoestorage_41Image from burkatron

Slim wall mounted entry way shoe cabinets
IKEA Trones offers the slimmest shoe cabinet solution for homeowners with narrow entry ways.

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shoestorage_17Image from scraphacker

Mobile Shoe Caddy
RÅSKOG utility cart from Ikea makes an excellent mobile shoe storage solution!

Image from

Curtain with Wall-mounted Wire Shoe Racks

A small nook in your bedroom can be utilized for shoe collection storage. However due to hygiene reasons, you should only consider storing your new pairs of shoes in the bedroom.

Image from shelterness

Re-purposed File Organiser
Recycle your old file organisers by using them to keep your flats organised!

shoestorage_32Image from hgtv

Vintage Cabinet
If your shoe collection is small enough, a two tiered vintage cabinet can also be used as shoe cupboard.

shoestorage_33Image from pinterest

Pebble Shoe Tray
A pebble tray is useful for catching drips, sand and dirt from shoes and boots.

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Shoe Basket

Baskets are usually recommended for in-door shoes only since they are not easy to wash and traps dirt easily.

shoestorage_35Image from shelterinteriordesign

Over The Door Clear Shoe Organizer cum Storage
The clear plastic pockets let you see the contents within easily. Since the plastic pockets can trap dirt, this solution is only recommend for new shoes due to hygiene considerations.

shoestorage_36Image from homebnc

Pull out Shoe Drawers

Pull out shoe drawer makes it easy for you to access the shoes.

shoestorage_37Image from homebnc

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shoestorage_43Image from ikea

Re-purposed PVC Pipes

There are many types of home projects that make use of simple and cheap PVC pipes and one of them is for storage of shoes!

shoestorage_38Image from womansday

Toddler Shoe Storage

Toddler shoes are much easier to store and display due to their sizes!


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