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4 Minimalist Options for Kitchen Cabinet Handles and Pulls

When you think about the design for your kitchen cabinets, handles and pulls aren’t usually the first things you think about. While they are a small part of the overall design, the hardware you choose does make a considerable impact, both functionally and aesthetically.

Recently, we are seeing a wave of minimalist cabinet handles and pulls. These options lend a cleaner, sleeker and more streamlined kitchen than ever before, and as avid supporters of the minimalist wave, we’re all over it like a rash.

Sure, traditional hardware isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, but we’re predicting that these cabinet handles and pulls are going to be the next big thing for your kitchen:


Options 1: Recessed Handles

Part of the design of your kitchen cabinet, recessed handles are made by cutting the back of your cabinet front at an angle so that there’s space for your fingers to pull open the door.

Image: Visarchi

The cabinet fronts will appear flat from the front, but the recessed gaps are visible between each cabinet and drawer. You can choose to paint the gaps a different colour to add an element of design. For upper cabinets, the recessed groove is located below the doors, while the groove is located above bottom cabinets.

Design: Weiken


Option 2: Finger Pulls

Here’s one we keep seeing on Pinterest, and it’s a super fun, no-hardware option to your cabinet design. These finger pulls are usually cut out from the decorative surface layer of your cabinets, and the gap between that and the rest of your cabinet door gives you the space to pull the cabinet open.

Image: Digg

Design: Laank

Image: Alvhem

They’re unobtrusive because they don’t protrude out. Keep the cut-outs small if you’re after a more seamless look. Their popularity stems from how unexpected they look. And the options are pretty wide; you can go for circles, rectangles or even triangles. Make sure the cut-outs have enough depth and width for the thickest fingers in the family to stick into though.


Image: De Clercq + Declercq


Option 3: Push-Open Mechanism

This push-open mechanism has been around for ages, but it’s still popular. And with handle-less kitchens making a comeback, it’s bigger than ever. Get this one from Ikea or go for pricier options from Blum (here and here).

One of the main advantages to the push-open mechanism is that you can go completely hands-free. Having a push-open mechanism also reduces the amount of strength you need to open larger and heavier drawers.

Design: Fineline Design

If you’re going for this option for your bottom cabinets, you will want to make sure your countertop protrudes out just a little so that whenever you’re leaning against your drawers, you won’t unintentionally push them open which can get really annoying after a while. Unless you’re okay with fingerprint stains, you will also want to steer clear from high glossy cabinet surfaces!


Option 4: Integrated handles

Rather than opt for separate hardware, these handles are made from the same materials as the cabinets themselves.

Design: The Local Inn.terior

Usually made from plywood or wood, the handles run the length or width of the cabinet so that they appear like a design detail rather than a handle. The result is a stunningly simple graphic statement that can make all the difference to your cooking space.

Image: Remodelista

Image: Fiona Lynch

Which options are you leaning towards? Or are you a traditional cabinet hardware person? Tell us all about it in the comments!


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