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4 Feng Shui Insights for a Better Bedroom Experience

Get acquainted with fundamental bedroom Feng Shui knowledge to cut the fuss when deciding how to improve your snooze sessions at home.

Your bedroom interior may be exceedingly lavish and visually enticing, but looks only exert psychological and emotional influence at most. To truly elevate your bedroom experience, you need to think beyond its aesthetic value.

There are a number of practical Feng Shui principles that, when adhered to, allow the bedroom to function as a sanctuary to restore and revitalize yourself. As a homeowner or potential house buyer, what are the bedroom aspects you should or should not care about? Let’s take a look:

1. Bed Frames Don’t Really Matter

Having a mattress-on-the-floor, sans bed frame, is a bedroom concept that has extended far beyond the Japanese culture… and that’s perfectly fine from a Feng Shui perspective. Some Feng Shui practitioners claim that such a concept would negatively affect Qi circulation throughout the bedroom, though this is false. By that logic, box springs and closed frames on raised beds would also block Qi. Ultimately, however, it is NOT required for Qi to flow under the bed you sleep on.

It is also untrue that sleeping too close to the floor infuses your body with excessive Yin Qi – energy that can make you lethargic and emotionally volatile – so if you’re thinking about using futons in your bedroom for economic or aesthetic reasons, go right ahead!

2. The Best Bedroom Shape is Square

Square and rectangular-shaped rooms represent the Earth element, which provides stability, making them ideal places for sleeping and working. Rooms of any other shape – whether they’re round, triangular or irregularly designed – will have an imbalanced flow of Qi that will make snooze sessions uncomfortable. Worse, bad Qi movement in a room will exacerbate adverse effects of a visiting negative Star. A square or rectangular room will somewhat insulate you from such negative effects.

3. Partitions Are Your Friend When ‘Fixing’ Irregular-Shaped Rooms

Fortunately, there are relatively simple solutions if your bedroom isn’t square or rectangular and switching your resting place isn’t an option. In essence, you’ll want to make a room within a room, so to speak. For example, if you’re sleeping in an L-shaped bedroom you could partition it into two separate rooms, one of them being a walk-in wardrobe. This way, you’ll transform an L-shaped bedroom into a rectangular bedroom with a square walk-in wardrobe.

4. Bed Position Matters More Than Your Favourable Direction

Everyone has a personal favourable direction that when tapped into, can provide certain practical benefits such as greater focus at work. However, the perks of this do not outweigh the importance of your bed’s positioning. Ideally, your bed should be positioned with its headboard against a Yin feature – most commonly a wall – and not against Yang features like windows. After all, sleeping is a Yin activity.

Also, if your favourable direction forces you to place your bed at an angle towards a corner, this exposes you to Sha Qi when you sleep, which ultimately does more harm than good. Think of tapping into your favourable direction as a bonus, not an excuse to ignore basic – and more crucial – Feng Shui principles.

For more information on interior Feng Shui (and all things Chinese Metaphysics), visit peruse our wealth of resources on the subject.

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