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4 Differences Between An Interior Designer and A Contractor

If you’re looking to renovate your home for the first time, you might have this question at the top of your head: Just what are the differences between an interior designer and a contractor? There are, of course, pros and cons to engaging either type of professional, but let’s explore the 4 main differences between them.



Advises you on a suitable theme for your home and may come up with 3D drawings to help you visualise their concept

They’re the go-to person for the carpentry and most of the work involved in your renovation.

Acts as your project manager and manages all the vendors/suppliers on your behalf

Your contractor will be one of the many vendors you’ll have to manage during the course of your renovation. He may also hire sub-contractors to get certain parts of your renovation done.

Usually commands a higher professional fee due to the design and project management services provided

Depending on the contractor, the renovation cost may be easier on your pocket.

Great for people who need advice on the design aspect and someone who can help them manage the entire project

Great for people who already have an idea of what they want and can afford to manage their renovation on their own time


That being said, the choice of an ID or a contractor is ultimately up to your needs and budget. Regardless of who you decide to choose in the end, it should be someone whom you feel comfortable with. Take the time to find the right person who has had experience in doing what you have in mind, and you’ll have fewer frustrations to deal with during the course of your renovation.

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