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4 Clever Uses For Your Household Shelter

The Household Shelter, or Bomb Shelter as we mortals like to call it, is a must-have feature of all dwelling units in Singapore. According to the SCDF website, owners should not hack or conduct indiscriminate drilling of the floor, ceiling and walls of the Household Shelter. This means that only temporary fixtures that can be easily dismantled and removed within 48 hours of SCDF’s notice are allowed. This brings us to an interesting quandary; what else can we do with the household shelter other than convert it into the storeroom of unwanted stuff or embarrassing purchases? We explore a few creative ways to transform the mundane household shelter into a useful space.




Cool and dark in its natural state, the household shelter makes the perfect place for a pantry. Store your bulk food purchases here and organise them in different zones with labels so it’s easy for you to pick them out in times of craving, cookery or need. Perishables such as garlics and onions should go into a basket of their own as well. For added space, put hooks on your door to hang stuff like brooms or mops that cannot be neatly categorised on your shelves or baskets.

Great for: large families that go through tons of groceries every week



Bibliophiles unite! Don’t you wish to have your very own private library filled to the brim with your hard-earned collection? Well, now you can by converting the household shelter into a sanctuary for your beloved books! Small as it is, the household shelter is still a good place to store your books due to its cool and dry nature. Keep the room well-ventilated by opening the door frequently to allow air to circulate. If you’re going to store the books in resealable boxes, make sure they were not previously used for food storage because the odours or residues could attract household pests. And above all, make sure that the space is not humid or the dampness will destroy your books with mould.

Great for: bookworms who prefer a physical book over an e-book



It has finally come to a point where your shoes/handbags outnumber your neighbours in a single block and you’re desperate for a cabinet worthy of your darling acquisitions. If you want something the likes of Carrie Bradshaw’s shoe-lined closet in the Sex and the City movie, then the household shelter could be your answer from above. Sure, it won’t be as glamorous and it probably has space to hold only your shoes or handbags but it’ll do till your next residential upgrade. Just imagine the envious expressions of your friends as you reveal your well-organised ceiling-high shoe/handbag collection!

Great for: shopaholics or people who have shoes or handbags for every occasion, colour or hair-do



Every single room in your humble flat is taken up by a family member or converted into a walk-in wardrobe, leaving you with little space to call your own man cave. Well, it’s time to consider the household shelter then! Small as it is, it provides sufficient space for your games, consoles and even a desktop for those overnight gaming sessions with your buddies. Worried about the heat generated by your gadgets? Then have a wall fan installed and you’re good to go!

Great for: geeks, Hikikomori wannabes or people who just want to have their own space!

Most people will attempt to hide their household shelter with a cleverly placed design, but we say embrace it with flair! In a space-limited country like Singapore, every little inch counts so let your creativity run far and wild.

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