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33 Pet-Friendly Home Designs

Pet lovers are prevalent in Singapore and with more and more people getting their own dogs and cats, a genuine concern amongst many might be how to pet-proof an interior to ensure maximum comfort for both pet owners and their pets. As much as we love our adorable, furry pals, we have to admit that it can sometimes be quite a hassle living under one roof with active creatures running around with muddy paws. That said, however, there are many ways you can improvise your home to make it easier for yourself and Bobby.


1. A place to keep leashes, towels, and pet belongings at the ready

We walk our dogs almost everyday, or at least I do, so leashes should be kept somewhere accessible. An ideal place would be somewhere near the door or living room. Sure, you could just leave them lying around on the table but that would mean potential hazards and messes.





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2. Strong flooring

No matter how short their nails, your darling dogs and cats would still be pretty capable of leaving scratch marks on floors made of relatively fragile materials such as hardwood. Your best bet would be concrete or tiles, which are hardy and more resistant to damage.






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3. An area for feeding

Like how we have a dining area for our daily meals, our pets require a fixed place for food as well. It could be a little corner in the kitchen or their own spot beside the dining table. It would be even better if you had a small porch, service yard, or segregated area just for them. Though it might not seem like that big a deal but trust me, you do not want to deal with having dog food dispersed all around the house.






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4. A place to store their food

Pet food usually comes in big bags and we sometimes like to transfer them into smaller containers for convenience. Not forgetting all the snacks you’d want to pamper your darlings with. It would be quite an eyesore if all those were left out in the open. Not to mention, it could potentially attract vermin and not-so-pleasant visitors such as bugs. So it is crucial that storage options are set aside. Anywhere is fine in this case, as long as you and your family members can agree.






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5. A spot for washing up

This is important because our pets need to take baths as well, and their hygiene should not be compromised in any way. It would be best to have a laundry sink for small and medium-sized animals. A bathtub would work better for larger breeds. What I personally prefer is bathing them in the shower stall on the floor.





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6. Proper furniture arrangement

They could just be barred from being on the sofa altogether but in the case where you can’t resist cuddling with your puppy, just be sure to choose tougher materials. Another important thing you should keep in mind is the overall arrangement of your furniture. Make sure the layout is kept clean and simple to avoid accidents. Like children, pets can sometimes be oblivious to sharp corners or dangerous items. Keep these out of the way. Try to avoid having carpets or potted plants sitting around.





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7. Enough room for your pets to run around

Space is something everybody needs, even more so for your pets who are home most of the time. Because they don’t deserve to spend all their time caged up, make sure the overall layout of your house takes their physical activity into account.






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