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3 Useful Interior Design Apps to Ease Your Renovation


If you’re renovating your home for the first time, there is nothing more important than being able to visualise your visions or ideas at little cost. Here are 3 interior design apps that are not only free and idiot-proof, but will help make your renovation planning more fun.



Measure & Sketch



What’s it about

Good for a quick reference when you’re out on a hunt for appliances or fixtures for your new home. Simply take a photo of the room or furniture, and add the necessary dimensions to it with customisable angles, arrows and text. You can either store the images in organisable folders or share them with your interior designer via email. If you upgrade to the paid version (S$1.69), you can save the data in the SD card. A similar app ‘My Measurements & Dimensions’ is also available for IOS.


Simple to use, but could do with a ‘undo’ function to make it more efficient.



Paint Tester



What’s it about

If you can’t decide what colours to paint your walls, then this is the app for you. Just snap a picture of the room you plan to paint and apply as many colours as you want until something strikes your fancy. Otherwise you can take a photo of the object with the colour you want, use the colour picker to select the sample and apply to the photo of your room. To get the best results, simply ensure that the room is well-lit before you take the photo. You can even ‘paint’ the furniture to see how the wall will look like with a different coloured piece!


We wanted an app that can paint a photo of a room with a wide variety of colours and Paint Tester performs the task admirably. The only setback is that it doesn’t come with specific paint names or codes that we can use to buy the exact paint colour, but this app should be able to give you a pretty good idea of how your room will look like in a certain colour before making a purchase.



Homestyler Interior Design


Android and IOS

What’s it about

Want to see how a certain furniture piece will look in your home? Snap a picture of a room with this app and go on a decorating spree with its wide collection of 3D furniture, home accessories and light fixtures. The app also comes with its own tips and interior design inspiration that you can draw upon for your own home.


It’s quite a fun app because there are so many beautiful furniture to play around with. You can also paint or decorate the walls with your preferred wallpaper or paint colour, but be sure to take a picture of a clutter-free room so that it’s easy to change the colour of the wall with a few swipes of your finger.


Do YOU have any interior design apps that work for you? Email us at to share with us!

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