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3 Things To Keep In Mind When Adding Water Features To Your Home

Water features not only beautify a home, it can potentially elevate the good vibes of your abode—provided you respect certain Feng Shui principles!

In this day and age, it’s becoming increasingly common to find homes with water features, either as an indication of status or simply as a means to level up a home’s aesthetics value. Not many people are going to complain about having a personal swimming pool whenever they’re gripped with a desire for a quick dip, either.

That said, water features in a home are incredibly important considerations in Feng Shui. Such features can either facilitate positive Qi flow and improve the wellbeing of a home’s inhabitants, or they can create violent Qi flow and severe domestic – even financial – consequences.

Of course, you’d much rather avoid bad Feng Shui in your house, so here are some things to consider before adding a water feature:

1. Manmade Waterfalls Inside Your Home

Waterfalls inside the house are an incredibly attractive feature, but it may pose more Feng Shui harm than good, especially if said water feature is noisy. For interior waterfalls, whether it’s a negative feature or otherwise largely depends on the level of sound it generates. Ideally, the waterfall should be sentimental – making gently rippling sounds or gurgling noises at most. Also, the waterfall needs to be in a house sector that would appreciate the presence of the Water element, though deciphering that requires expert consultation and an understanding of the specifications of your home.

2. Swimming Pool Above Your Home’s Main Door

Typically, you would be strongly advised against having a swimming pool above your porch or Main Door, since this creates an extremely negative Feng Shui formation called Wetting The Head Water. This formation is a wealth killer and thus commonly responsible for a household’s significant loss in wealth. The effects can be so extreme that some even suffer bankruptcy. It’s best to avoid having such a feature in your home, but you don’t have to worry too much so long as the Main Door is not directly underneath the pool.

3. Pond In The Center Of Your Home

There are several places where water features are perfectly acceptable to be located inside your house… the middle of your residence isn’t one of them. Known as the central palace, the exact centre of your home should always be Yin, meaning that it should be stable and quiet. Since water features, such as a pond, are considered Yang, they’re far too active to be placed in that location. Having a pond at the centre will cause your home’s Qi to become disrupted and unstable, which in turn generally results in the decline of the household’s health. While there are exceptions to the rule, it’s usually better to play safe and avoid buying a home with this specific Internal Form entirely.

Water tends to be a very prized element to have within your home, so a lot of people like to add water features in hopes that it will improve their Feng Shui. After all, water Feng Shui done right can massively improve wealth opportunities, for instance. However, water features aren’t a practice that you can implement half-heartedly. If you don’t know how to “play” with water, err on the side of caution and don’t let your house get too “wet”!

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About Joey Yap

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