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3 Bathroom and Kitchen Must-Haves to Make Your Home Look and Feel Luxurious

When creating a luxurious feel to your home, there’s no better place to start than the bathroom and kitchen. These two zones, after all, are some of the most used and hardworking spaces in the home.

Going the sleek and stylish route is one way to making them look and feel more luxurious, but don’t neglect the user experience. A luxurious bathroom and kitchen will similarly make you feel relaxed, pampered and cared for.

To help you create that high-end feel in these important spaces, we asked bathroom and kitchen specialist hansgrohe for suggestions on the must-haves so you can be one step closer to that luxurious home.

A Seriously Stylish Shower

The shower is a big part of the bathroom, so getting it to look good is key in making your bathroom look luxurious. hansgrohe recommends getting its Rainfinity, its latest range of gorgeous showers featuring an elegant, sculptural form. Set in sleek monochromatic hues—the matte white of its casing stands in beautiful contrast to the graphite-coloured spray disc—the Rainfinity’s subtle beauty will be a luxurious addition to any bathroom.

Rainfinity by hansgrohe is available in different types of showers. From clockwise: overhead shower, handheld shower and shoulder shower.

The overhead shower can be flexibly adjusted to an angle between 10 and 30 degrees. Rainfinity also comes in a hand shower if you prefer more control or a shoulder shower which lets you keep your face and hair dry when showering. The shoulder shower also features a shelf where you can place your bathroom amenities and can function as an overhead shower too.

An Indulgent Spa Experience

Besides looking plush, you also want a bathroom that feels luxe. To do so, create a spa-like sanctuary worthy of long shower sessions with the PowderRain spray. If you’ve always wanted to feel what it’s like showering under the rain, well, this spray is it.

The PowderRain’s gentle spray lets you feel like you’re showering under the rain.

Producing thousands of microfine droplets in each nozzle, PowderRain is superbly gentle on your skin and feels just like a cocoon of water enveloping your body. You will feel soothed and relaxed, making you feel just as if you were in a spa.

The spray is also very quiet—hansgrohe has reduced it to just a mere whisper—and it also has minimal splashing so you can also incorporate it even in an open shower.

PowderRain is available in a variety of showers including the Rainfinity as well as the Raindance Select S 120 handheld shower. The latter lets you incorporate three different types of spray in it for additional functionality. A simple push of the ‘Select’ button on the hand shower lets you switch between the different sprays.

A Sleek yet Functional Sink

The heart of the home is the kitchen, but the heart of the kitchen is the sink. Getting the right one is crucial, since it is one of the most used items in the cooking space. Plus, it is a decision you will have to stick with for a long time since the sink can’t be moved easily once installed.

If you’re looking to achieve an opulent feel in your kitchen, the SilicaTec granite sinks by hansgrohe are a good bet. Made from quartz and acrylic resins, the sink features a smooth and sleek surface and will be a beautiful sight to behold in any modern kitchen. The overflow is also discreetly hidden from view, giving the sink a stylish, seamless appearance.

The SilicaTec granite sink is stylish and hardy addition to any kitchen.

But what is form without function, especially for a sink, a kitchen product that is frequently subjected to daily wear and tear? Thankfully, the SilicaTec sink is also really hardy and durable. This is because only the rounded quartz particles from quartz sand, the hardest constituent of granite, are processed.

Get a peace of mind when you prep food on the sink as it is also non-porous, stain-resistant, odourless, heat-resistant and food safe. Cleaning up afterwards will also be a breeze as the SilicaTec sink is easy to clean and dirt repellent.

The granite sink comes in different sizes, so they fit even in the smallest of cooking spaces. To get parallel chores done efficiently, consider getting the variant with a double sink. There is also a version with a drainer, which offers you plenty of space to prep food.

The sink is also available with a drainer, which offers you space to prep food.

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