25 Trendy Tile Tips That’ll Make You Go Wow

  • Jan 19, 2016

Interior design trends have been changing across the years and many new themes have surfaced. Regardless of what the overall concept of your house is or what colour schemes you have, it is undeniable that tiles make a world of a difference and can make or break the style you want to achieve for your dream home. That’s where tile master, Soon Bee Huat, steps in. They have been in the industry for over 2 decades now and their expertise can greatly assist you in your selection of tiles. With a wide collection to choose from, you can rest assured Soon Bee Huat will always have appropriate tiles to cater to your design ideas. Here is an entire list of suggestions we have gathered, categorised according to various design styles for easy reference.  





Recommended tile: CT-ARCANA Arcana tiles are every industrial design lover’s dream. Their sandy and brownish exteriors are natural, and the varying gradients ensure an overall look that is organic and interesting.  


Recommended tile: HT-UNIKA GAME SMOKE RETT The rustic appearance of this tile coupled with sharply defined geometry make it a flexible design that can be used across many spaces.  


Recommended tile: HT DISTRICT HD GR and HT DISTRICT HD SGR Versatile and timeless, District HD brings the cement in its raw form, exhibiting marks, oxidations, stains, micro cracks, and a diversity of nuances.  




Recommended tile: HT-WESTEND WHITE There is nothing more appropriate than white and worn-out looking tiles that would blend in seamlessly with almost any design.  


Recommended tiles: HT SHABBY VINTAGE CHALK A versatile category that would suit almost every interior.  


Recommended tile: HT-SAVANNA A simple, classic design that can spice up any wall or floor.  


Recommended tiles: HT-OLMO and HT-NOCE As natural themes start gaining popularity in the interior design scene, you want to make sure you choose tiles that fully capture the allure and artistry of wood. These tiles definitely make the cut.





Recommended tiles: HT-RHOMBUS and HT-TOSCANA Play around with these interesting shapes to create your own unique design; interior design with an ingenious element of fun. The epitome of versatility, these tiles work well with floors or walls, even concurrently.



Recommended tile: HT-CANADA GRIS If polished, shiny surfaces are your thing, these tiles would suit your design palette just right. These marble inspired slabs are also perfect for those looking for posh design for a fraction of the cost.



Recommended tile: HT-EXTRA WHITE This white tile is elementary and plain — an excellent choice for people who love simplicity and straightforwardness.


Traditional / European



Recommended tile: HT-HEARTWOOD HONEY The Heartwood series are bound to showcase sophistication, elegance, and enchanting appeal right down to the very last corner of your home.  


Recommended tile: HT-WESTEND RED Weathered surfaces are perfect for people going for a traditional or classic appearance.  

Victorian / Retro / Vintage



Recommended tile: HT-HERITAGE It’s like getting four tiles for the price of one. What a bargain for such a lovely Peranakan inspired design!  


Recommended tile: HT-PATCHWORK B&W This series of randomly patterned tiles will guarantee a design that is highly personalised and second to none.  


Recommended tile: HT-BLOCK B&W Most of us want a home in which we can fully rest and relax. Throw in a tile pattern that is specific and consistent and you get a result that is soothing and aesthetically pleasing at the same time.  


Recommended tile: CT-OXFORD DECO This set of tiles, when befittingly used, creates an impression of a carpet on the ground. That’s beauty and entertainment all rolled into one.  

Contemporary / Modern



Recommended tile: HT-MONTECARLO ROSSO A fan of bold and dark colours? Give your interior a refined polish with these deep shades of delicious red.  


Recommended tile: HT-LE MANS CARBONIO What does this area remind you of? The inside of a technologically advanced spacecraft that’s travelling to Mars? That’s the magic of those beautiful ceramic tiles inspired by carbon and steel.  


Recommended tile: HT-STRAND-R NATURAL Inspired by the new indoor architecture trends where “used” aesthetics are taken to its most fashionable and edgy expression, Strand is inspired by recycled wood in shavings.  


Recommended tile: HT-POESIA BIANCO Because marble designs never quite get old, this sophisticated ceramic surface is sure to add pizzazz to any interior.  

The Enthusiast - Travelers, Graffiti, and More



Recommended tile: WT-TRAVEL Have you ever seen such marvellously creative tiles? Quench your wanderlust anytime!  


Recommended tile: HT-GRAFFITI It’s time for some fun and celebration with this funky tile design!  


Recommended tile: HT-CAMOU URBAN Who says you have to be in the military to camouflage? Go crazy with these trendy Camou tiles anytime!  


Recommended tile: Jungle Animaliér (left) and Jungle Animaliér Aggressive (right) Nature with its strength and its intense colors transforms everyday metropolis in uncontaminated Jungles. Animalier Aggressive print fabrics mixed with a lush and indomitable equatorial flora.  

Editor’s Choice

sbh-neo-blackRecommended tile: HT-NEO BLACK A splendid option for people who want a classy, elegant look that’s easy to maintain at the same time. For a full range of available product designs and more information, be sure to check out Soon Bee Huat’s website!  

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Having an extensive range of tiles and finishing materials showcased before your eyes, you might have a tough time imagining how they will turn out in your living spaces such as living rooms or bedrooms.

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