2021 Kitchen Trends We Are Loving So Far

  • Apr 7, 2021

Now that we are knee-deep into 2021, it’s time for an assessment of the trends we have been seeing. And we are talking kitchen today! Possibly one of the most hardworking places in the home, and one that many of us spend a lot of time in. In terms of trends, curves are super in at the moment, and we are seeing it everywhere. Some colour palettes are also popping up more than usual. Also, there have been a number of functionality-centric designs taking centre stage. As excited about these kitchen trends as we are? Scroll down to see what they are! » See more trends here: Top 10 Best Bathroom Features We Want to See More of in 2021

Concealed electrical points

Design: Ark-hitecture We are finally paying attention to the little things! In this instance, the location for electrical points and switches. Some can be really visually chunky and stick out like a sore thumb amidst our sleek kitchens, so it is with some relief that we are seeing them being cleverly concealed underneath top cabinets. Yes to this! Design: Meter Square

Window cut-outs

Design: In-Expat With enclosed kitchens coming back in fashion (fumes and grease getting to the rest of our living spaces were not the best trade-offs), we are looking for ways to make ourselves feel less restricted in the cooking space. Enter window cut-outs that not only encourage more light to come in, they also give us a sense of spaciousness and breathability—minus the kitchen odours and grease. Design: Mr Shopper Studio

Arched doorways

Design: Lemonfridge Studio Curves have been HUGE this year. The kitchen of course has not been spared this décor trend. We are seeing them being incorporated into openings, in the form of arched doorways. Whether it’s entering the kitchen or leading out into the service yard, it has all been curves, curves, curves. We love the big visual impact they make and they really complement all the straight lines you see in the cooking space. Design: Collate

Curved ends

Design: Three-D Conceptwerke It’s not just the doorways that are getting the curve treatment. We are also seeing them on the ends of kitchen islands, built-ins, counters and any edges that can be rounded. Gone are the days of rigidity and cookie-cutter designs! It’s a win for families with young children and a major win for the discerning design-conscious. Design: Free Space Intent

Pull-out tables

Design: The Interior Lab As kitchens become an area we hang out in rather than simply for cooking, we are finding more homeowners integrating pull-out tables within their cabinets. These work as spots for light meals or after-meal tipples, or they can double up as work-from-home setups when the need arises. They are great for smaller kitchens, since they can be tucked away after use or pulled out when there’s a need for an extra prep counter. Design: Wolf Woof

Fluted details

Design: Fifth Avenue Interior Fluted designs have been around for a couple of years now, but we are really seeing them coming through in recent months. In the kitchen, they add a textural interest that is at once classic and elegant, elevating your kitchen’s style from zero to one hundred. You can use them on the sides of your counters and island or infuse them into a part of your cabinetry. We wouldn’t recommend too many though, especially if you cook often—the grease that can get trap in there, we shudder to think about. Design: Weiken

Green kitchens

Design: Ace Interior Design In terms of colour palettes, shades of greens are gradually dominating the scene. From deep emeralds to pastel mints, green kitchens—just like yesteryear’s blue kitchen trend—are trending this year. With green, you get to be bold without being too much. It’s still a relatively safe colour choice, but it definitely evokes a certain confidence. Our favourite combination has to be jewel green tones with brassy elements. For a fun and quirky combo, consider mint with terrazzo details. Design: The 80's Studio

All-white kitchens

Design: The Interior Lab For folks who prefer a more minimalist palette, all-white kitchens are trendy again! Despite its somewhat clinical look—our readers have used words like ‘hospital’ and ‘laboratory’—and the fact that it’s not so easy to maintain, homeowners are still flocking towards this colour trend. We totally get it though—the sense of spaciousness is amplified with an all-white palette. It also feels bright, airy and ultra-clean. Now who wouldn’t want to cook in a space like this? Design: Indoor Art Studio

Medium-toned wood laminates

Design: The Scientist Homeowners are also opting for warm, medium-toned woodgrain laminates for their kitchen cabinets, in a movement we think is towards a more ‘natural’ aesthetic. In our humidity, real wood cabinets will be a pain to maintain, so these laminates offer a good alternative without all the hassle. Pair them with flat front cabinet designs and a more minimalistic style in the rest of your kitchen for a classic look that will stand against the test of time. Design: Monocot  
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