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2013’s Interior Design Singapore Trends – Floor Plan and Materials

In our previous article, we highlighted the development of Singapore’s interior design trends particularly when it comes to customisation of designs, construction of usable spaces and the use of a variety of colours. Here we talk about what’s in vogue when it comes to the floor plans and materials to be used in Singapore’s 2013 interior design.



Floor Plans

Interior design in Singapore will see a surprising shift in terms of layout. This will be the year of experimentation through technology, reminiscence and nostalgia through old designs and amusing new floor plans which may be a combination of the past, present and the future. Light will be a key factor in Singapore’s interior design – as when it is paired with colour, it can shape environments in a whole new way.

Creativity – both in clients and interior designers – will create better, more usable areas and add functionality to otherwise dead spaces. In retail, hospitality and F&B, clients will try to infuse what they believe will help improve the experiences of their customers and their staff. Because of this revolution in layout, interior design in Singapore will see more furniture with greater flexibility – that are durable, adaptable and can be mixed and matched. Furthermore, layouts will also have to be adapted to the rapid changes in technology. Flexible and open floor plans will be the “in” thing this year. Think Apple’s physical stores which allow users to move freely.


Singapore’s interior design scene will see a rising interest in sustainable and environment friendly materials. Recycled or renewable furniture and furnishings will be widely appreciated. Even reclaimed would will be used in a lot of surfaces. This emphasis on sustainable eco-friendly materials will see a rise on the purchase and patronage of locally manufactured products.

It is the authenticity of products, the “natural” sleekness that will make an impact in Singapore’s interior design scene this year – steering away from the over-blinged, overhyped design ideas of the years past.

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