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2013’s Interior Design Singapore Trends – Customisation, Construction and Colour

We have already posted one article where we covered what the predicted trends would be this 2013. Just to give you folks a recap: this year will be all about the blending together of the old and the new, the poignancy of rich jewel hues, the influence of technology and of course innovation.



Innovation and Customisation

Innovation and customisation requires manufacturers to put a system the allow Singapore interior designers to work with products that lets them mix and match colours and patterns for a wide variety of clients. Singapore Interior designers want to have the freedom to customize their client’s space and make each one unique. They want to provide an environment that is fitted to the needs and the culture of each client.

The rise of custom projects in Singapore is not new. In fact, it dates back to a decade although. This is attributable to the clients being more daring and being more outspoken. It may also be due to better collaboration between the clients and the interior designers in Singapore. The growth in technology aids in the boom of customised interior designs.


The construction industry’s growth is still quite slow due to the economic conditions not only in Singapore, but also worldwide. However, there are still huge demands for construction in Singapore’s interior design industry. It is still much needed in select sectors such as commercial and retail establishments; industrial areas; as well as F&B.

Growth in customised interior spaces will definitely spin growth in construction – particularly in hospitality and F&B where owners and crowds will mostly get tired of the usual fare.


Expect interior design in Singapore to be colourful and rich. 2012’s colour blocking will spill over to this year, while deep rich jewel hues will make a comeback.

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