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2012 Interior Design Trends

The year 2012 is all about going back to nature and austerity. In addition, clean yet bold colours are making a splash. Colour blocking is all the rage – whether in fashion or in interior design. Pastels with neon, modern lines and wallpapers are making a comeback.



Wallpapers have been labeled passé for a period of time. This year, it is making a comeback. Yet, gone is the flowery dainty wallpaper of decades past. Taking its place are big, bold graphic wallpapers with neutral earthy tones and accentuated by bold shades.


Wood, seashells, grasses are mostly seen in this year’s homes. Open air atmosphere and lots of Zen infusions are preferred over Victorian or industrial tones. Popular colours among interior designers this year are nuances of green, teal blue, brown, purple and orange. Outdoor spaces are being utilised more than ever. The bigger the outdoor space, the better the home. Outdoor spaces now are the venue of choice for family gatherings and soirees and this year, outdoor spaces are marked by bold colours and exciting prints on the furniture. Zen gardens are conquering the western hemisphere as well.


Classic lighting choices remain in 2012. Homeowners and interior design companies still prefer to promote accent lights and soft lighting over glaring fluorescent lights. Lighting matters as it makes a huge impact and mostly determines the feel of a room. Old Victorian chandeliers no longer fit most modern homes. In its place are modern, streamlined chandeliers that use up less electricity and thus are more eco-friendly. To make the most out of sunlight during the day, floor to ceiling windows come highly recommended.


Still, character and individuality make a house a home. So infuse your personality in little trendy accent pieces and home accessories. An area rug with your preferred pattern, a quirky lamp shade in your bedroom, unique throw pillows or little trinkets will do wonders.

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