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18 Global Inspirations for your BTO

For BTO homeowners and homeowners-to-be, the first step of our renovation journey usually involves scouring the Internet and Pinterest for design inspiration (guilty as charged!). But while we ooh-and-ahh over the gorgeous images and ideas, we tend to reach a conclusion at the end of the day that it’s just virtually impossible to replicate the exact same design into our homes because well, our flats are just too darn small and restricted to do anything cool. So we settle; we accept that we can’t get everything in life and move on.

But here at Renonation, we are all about challenging boundaries. Which is why we’ve decided to do the googling, researching and pinning of design ideas from homes around the world and then match them to actual HDB floor plans so you can get an idea of how they will work in a flat. Yep, you can thank us later.

1. Studio Apartment Type A (37 Sqm)

Source: Pinterest

A single-wall kitchen isn’t the end of all things beautiful. You can still make an impression with a half-painted wall, in a cheery hue like teal. Up the ante with a backsplash lined with patterned tiles, and have it match your flooring.

You shouldn’t overwhelm your petite kitchen with top-hung cabinets if you can help it. Instead, go for open-shelves that feel visually lighter.


2. 2-Room Type 1 (38 Sqm)

Source: Bloglovin’

If you don’t need the privacy, consider going for glass dividers to segregate your rooms to help expand the visual space.

Limit your colours to basic hues, with the bedroom at the background adopting an all-white palette for a clean look and to maximise brightness.


3. 2-Room Type 1 (38 Sqm)

Source: Clem Around the Corner

If your kitchen is located near the entrance of your home, consider an entryway bench that can also work as a divider between the entranceway and the kitchen. But rather than use a solid concrete block, a design with a peek-a-boo element creates a more inviting and open visage.


4. 2-Room Type 2 (47 Sqm)

Source: Decomyplace

A study desk was built against a custom-built wall divider that acts as a TV stand on the other side. The affixed mirror and semi-through nature of the divider provide the illusion of a bigger space.

A built-in bay window provides a cosy nook for relaxation.


5. 3-Room (68 Sqm)

Source: Fashnfudge

Use a black-framed glass divider to separate the sleeping area from the home office.

The room evokes a light and airy feel, thanks to the translucent day curtain which also helps to shade the work desk from the afternoon sun.


6. 3-Room (68 Sqm)

Source: Pinterest

A convenient nook for shoe-wearing is built into the shoe cabinets for a fuss-free appearance. Go for white, handle-less cabinet fronts if you’re hoping to achieve a cleaner, more streamlined look.


7. 3-Room (67 Sqm)

Source: Casa Haus

If you’re short on space, replace your coffee table with a cluster of stools that can be stowed away when you don’t need them. They are visually wonderful, while being able to function as extra seats for when you have guests over.

A lean console table is a great asset to invest in if you need more storage and display space but don’t want to take up extra square footage.


 8. 3-Room (68 Sqm)

Source: Sabimad

Glass panels are an effective way to give the illusion of an open kitchen while containing the fumes within the cooking zone. Plus, daylight can now enter into the kitchen easily, so you won’t need to resort to installing too many light fixtures.


9. 4-Room (92 Sqm)

Source: Pinterest

Create a living room that invites conversations by having your seats face each other. Play around with different chairs for greater variety and a casual, relaxing ambience.

This open-plan space combines the living and dining room in one area. The use of wood furniture in both zones and the pendant light hanging between the two areas help to connect both spaces together.

To differentiate the zones, wall decoration was used. In the living room, it is a gallery-style art wall while the dining room features a fuss-free bookshelf.

In this layout, your TV wall, which blocks the entrance, acts as a fengshui element in the home, helping to prevent your good fortune from flowing out of the windows on the opposite side.


10. 4-Room (92 Sqm)

Source: Eslamoda

Can’t sacrifice a room for your walk-in wardrobe? Set aside a strip of your bedroom for your closet instead. Have your bedhead serve also as a full-length mirror on the other side. Achieve the glamorous look by sticking strips of LED lights around the mirror panels.


11. 4-Room (93 Sqm)

Source: Inside Out

The “floating” cabinets and desk in this study room create the illusion of space, while incorporating a column of open shelving provides easier access to the books. Blending natural wood accents with contemporary white adds a rustic and homely element to the clean space.


12. 4-Room (93 Sqm)

Source: Apartment Therapy

Now here’s a bathroom you can show off to your guests. Gold fittings, marble lookalike tiles and rimless mirrors evoke a simple elegance.

Install a frameless transparent glass shower screen that showcase your sanitary fittings in full glory while attaining that seamless look. Bonus: it helps to make your petite bathroom a lot bigger and brighter too.


13. 4-Room (93 Sqm)

Source: Service Central

This master bedroom takes its design cue from Japanese shoji screens to keep the sleeping area extremely cosy and private. The structure, swathed in a Muji-inspired aesthetic of light woods, functions as a platform bed, a bedhead and a bookcase. For this layout to work, you’ll probably need to sacrifice another bedroom though.


14. 5-Room (113 Sqm)

Source: Pinterest

Why stick to conventions when you can switch things around? Turn the suggested study area into a cosy living room and have your home office located where the living room is supposed to be.

Helping to channel a relaxing resort vibe is the swinging chair, replete with soft furnishings.


15. 5-Room (114 Sqm)

Source: Crib Suite

Create a cosy corner in your study room using wood strip panels in varying tones. Have them aligned all the way to the ceiling to draw your attention to the top, giving the illusion of a much higher ceiling. The feature also doubles as a wall hook, thanks to the gaps in between the strips.


16. 5-Room (112 Sqm)

Source: Domino Magazine

Carve out a cosy breakfast nook in your kitchen with a built-in bench. Use a pendant light to anchor the space, differentiating it from the area where all the cooking happens.


17. 5-Room (113 Sqm)

Source: Ma Maison Blanche

Keep a small bathroom simple and fuss-free with basic shapes and colours. Wish to jazz things up? Use hexagonal tiles instead of subway ones.


18. 5-Room (114 Sqm)

Source: Planete Deco

This kitchen pass-through is also a window into the kitchen and a countertop for breakfast and casual meals. It opens up the closed cooking space, letting light and ventilation to go through.

Basic square white tiles provide a timelessness to the kitchen, but to pull it off without looking too institutional, dress the space up with greenery and warm details like brown leather or wood surfaces.


Are you curious about the progress of a certain BTO? Anxious to find out what yours looks like right now? You can try to locate yours in this list.

Disclaimer: All dimensions are estimates only and may not be exact measurements. Floor plans from HDB.

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