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15 Stylish Layout Designs for SkyPeak @ Bukit Batok



Bounded by Bukit Batok East Avenue 6 and Bukit Batok Street 21, SkyPeak @ Bukit Batok comprises seven residential blocks ranging from 26 to 40 storeys in height. Potential homeowners get to choose from 1,430 units of 2-, 3-, 4-, and 5-room Standard flats. With its towering height and stepped roof profile, SkyPeak @ Bukit Batok is set to become a distinctive development in Bukit Batok town. Sounds pretty promising, doesn’t it? Here are some layout ideas to give you an even better idea of how you can design your interiors!



Great design is key to helping you have everything you need and want in 1 room. With meticulous planning, almost anything can be built-in – bed frames, cabinets, wardrobes, even study tables. This not only makes the place look neater, but saves you a ton of space as well.

Interior Designer: The Scientist



Let’s discuss an increasingly popular arrangement that effectively enlarges the kitchen. By splitting your cooking area into wet and dry sections, more room is created and movement subsequently facilitated. In the case shown above, the wall has been replaced with sliding doors and the entire kitchen looks even bigger as a result.

Interior Designer: Zidane Design Associates



Stand out from the crowd, you shall. With a built-in sofa and dining table combined, you can almost be certain that if a Most Unique Living/Dining Room Layout Award existed, it would be yours for the taking.

Interior Designer: Reimage Decor



Tailoring a good design according to an interior’s layout can be a ginormous headache. But everything sits perfectly here, from the subtly segregated living and dining areas to the clever inclusion of a bar counter and storage cabinets.

Interior Designer: R3vamp



Have you ever thought about extending your television console such that it can be used concurrently as a bench for your dining table? It might sound a little odd but it’s totally doable, trust me (refer to the example above).

Interior Designer: Three-D Conceptwerke



The design of your home largely depends on you. After all, you’re the owner, and that fact itself grants you every right to do as you please (as long as you’ve established a common understanding with your interior designer, of course). My point is, unlike what some others might say, the TV console can actually be be set in the middle of the house instead of being plastered against a wall. It’s a huge plus if you can manage to have it in front of the main door because one, it shields your home from potentially curious eyes of the public whenever you open the door and two, it’s apparently good fengshui.

Interior Designer: Free Space Intent



Having a classic design like this is best for people who yearn to keep things simple and not have to rack their brains for special ideas.

Interior Designer: Linear Space Concepts



We have good news for lovers of games and Mahjong! Every night can be Mahjong night if you set aside a special corner at home just for the occasion! Now your family and friends have one more reason to pay you frequent visits. Here’s a quick tip: to segregate this corner more neatly, seal it with a wall (preferably made of glass). Not only does this help curb the noise, it also visually enlarges your home as a whole.

Interior Designer: Liid Studio



“My 4-room HDB living room is already cramped as it is. I can’t imagine having guests over for a party.” This is a common problem for many homeowners. I mean, you can’t exactly tell your friends to make themselves comfy on the floor, can you? When there’s a will, there’s a way. A bay window can be created for seating and storage purposes when needed. Also, if you want the house to look less cluttered overall, part or all of the bedroom wall can be hacked and replaced with a see-through material.

Interior Designer: Urban Habitat Design




Want to do more with your space? Try an open concept kitchen that extends to form a dining/bar table.

Interior Designer: Meter Square



If you’re somebody who loves big spaces and having everything in one place, it might be a good idea to combine two bedrooms into one.

Interior Designer: Space Sense Studio



Homeowners are oftentimes faced with space limitations (nobody ever complains about having too much space). So if your future abode has a similar layout with the one shown above, you could try having an extended television console that also doubles up as a bench for your dining table.

Interior Designer: Unity Interior Design



This interior reminds us that we can include anything we want in one space with proper planning.

Interior Designer: Living Gaia



What do you do when you’re bored and don’t feel like watching television in the living room? With a layout like this, you could head over to the cosy little reading corner behind the sofa and pick up a few of your favourite classics or magazines!

Interior Designer: Zidane Design Associates


Are you curious about the progress of a certain BTO? Anxious to find out what yours looks like right now? You can try to locate yours in this list.

Disclaimer: All dimensions are estimates only and may not be exact measurements. Floor plans from HDB.

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