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15 Practical Layout Designs for Punggol Matilda Court

Matilda-Court-BTOImage credits: HDB

Located along Sumang Lane, Matilda Court comprises 10 residential blocks, each 17 storeys in height. Homeowners can take their pick from the 1,162 units of 2-, 3-, 4- and 5-room Standard Flats offered in this development. The name “Matilda Court” is inspired by the historical Matilda House located in Punggol Town and the lush green spine that forms the heart of the development. On that note, let’s take a look at some useful layout designs that might give you some ideas and inspiration for your new home!



Homeowners who chose the 5-room flat can enjoy a big living room like that of a landed house, with plenty of space for multiple sofas. You also have the option of placing your dining table right in front of the kitchen.

Interior Designer: The Orange Cube




You can make use of the area near the household shelter (see pink highlights above) and:
1. Turn it into a display cabinet for your books and other home decorations
2. Turn it into a bicycle rack as well as medal/award display
3. Turn it into a “hidden” bed that looks like a cabinet when fully retracted. This bed can potentially serve other functions, such as acting as an extra couch when your friends come to visit.

Interior Designers: In Interior, EHKA Studio




Want to have a Japanese style dining area? You can create it on your own like so! Just remember to use wood-related materials and earthy colours for a more authentic effect. Cabinets can be added if you require more space to store your cutlery and utensils.

Interior Designer: Copper Design Associates




Bored with the same old design layouts all the time? Be bold and daring with this amazing cabinet and bar design. Enjoy a nice glass of wine as you indulge in a movie with your loved ones.

Interior Designer: Box Plan Design Connection




Create a play area for your kids with a divider to separate it from the living area. You can beautify the divider as seen in the images above – by bringing some greenery inside. To find out more about how to do this, check out this article.

Interior Designer: New Nyew Design




Here’s a good idea that may come in handy for homeowners who have to deal with small kitchens: simply move your sink into the service yard.

Interior Designer: Next Door ID




This is a good tip for homeowners who want to include a kitchen island in their home. Bear in mind that the island can be designed in many different ways other than the one shown above.

Interior Designer: One Stop Concept by Norman Yeo




Fans of open concept kitchens and bar tables can now enjoy both of these in one layout.

Interior Designers: D5 Studio Image, Linear Space Concepts




Dividers or cabinets placed at the entrance of a house is very normal and kind of boring. For homeowners who chose the 5-room flat, you can make the entrance of your home look as elegant as this, with shoe cabinets, a sleek, commercial look, as well as good fengshui (a good front door opens into a wide space instead of a cramped one).

Interior Designer: 9 Creation




Do you have a small living room? Worried about not having enough space for all your family and friends during gatherings and parties? The solution is simple: create a bay window that acts as both a storage and seating area. Now you can invite as many guests as you want!

Interior Designer: Urban Habitat Design




Who wishes for more space in the kitchen? An easy way to do this is to extend your kitchen out to the living area. Take note, however, that this design is not very conducive for big families because there isn’t enough space to accommodate an actual dining table. Perhaps newlyweds or small families would find it more effective.

Interior Designer: The Mind Design




I’m pretty sure this is a pet-friendly space, especially if you have cats. Horizontal bars (refer to the green highlight) can be installed for your cats’ amusement. If there isn’t enough space for a sofa, you can create a built-in chair (refer to blue highlight). But such built-in chairs are only good for small families or couples.

Interior Designer: Ace Space Design




Here’s another open concept kitchen design. On top of having a bar counter and cabinet, you can extend it to include a dining table.

Interior Designer: Cozy Ideas




Build a cabinet behind your sofa to hold all your stuff, including important things such as your modems and other electronic devices.

Interior Designer: Idees Interior Design




An open concept study or one that’s partitioned with a glass wall? You decide! For a neater overall look, go for the glass wall.

Interior Designer: Inspire ID Group


Are you curious about the progress of a certain BTO? Anxious to find out what yours looks like right now? You can try to locate yours in this list.

Disclaimer: All dimensions are estimates only and may not be exact measurements. Floor plans from HDB.

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