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15 Creative Layout Designs for Compassvale Cape

compassvale-cape-btoImage credits: HDB

Located along Compassvale Crescent, Compassvale Cape comprises eleven 15-storey residential blocks of 1,400 units of Studio Apartments, 3-, 4-, and 5-room Premium Flats. “Compassvale Cape” reflects the development’s location at the Northern tip of the Compassvale neighbourhood in Sengkang town. Here are some timely ideas you’ll definitely find useful in your upcoming renovation journey.


1. This resembles a condo design. The black frames of the study room glass walls match the lighting streaks, wooden furniture, and flooring perfectly.

Requirement: Hack bedroom wall and replace with glass wall.
Optional: Cabinet beside TV (the orange colour box)

Interior Designer: Museum Homes



2. By combining two bedrooms into one, you’ll have plenty of space left beside the bed to do whatever you want with (e.g. study table, bedside table, cabinets, built-in wardrobes, etc.).

Requirement: Hack wall

Interior Designers: Edgeline Planners, DB Studio



3. Easy solution for homeowners who have to deal with a small living room: include built-in cabinets and sofas in your design to maximise space.

Interior Designer: Dots n Tots Interior



4. Make your living room a little bigger by placing your dining table and chairs next to an open concept kitchen.

Optional: Hack the kitchen wall for a larger dining space. Or simply opt for a smaller dining table.

Interior Designer: I-Chapter



5. If you’re looking for a slightly more unique kitchen layout, try this one. It’s an open concept kitchen with a conjoined island and dining table. How’s that for something cool?

Requirement: Hack kitchen wall

Interior Designer: Fineline Design



6. Enjoy a more spacious environment by replacing the kitchen walls with glass. If you’ve happened to pick an industrial theme, you can fit the glass panels with black frames to enhance the over industrial feel.

Interior Designer: The Interior Lab



7. Learn how to do things the smarter, easier way. By strategically situating your dining table near the oven, you’ll have an additional platform to place ingredients/materials on when baking.

Interior Designer: Sky Creation Design



8. What’s better than a kitchen island? A kitchen island with beautiful lighting effects. This is good for homeowners who want to enjoy a landed property ambience. Having floor-to-ceiling cabinets also makes the house look more neat and tidy.

Interior Designer: The Mind Design



9. Instead of boring sofas or armchairs for your reading corner, why not go for multi-functional pillows for maximum comfort? Find out more here.

Interior Designer: KDOT Associates



10. For homeowners who have small bedrooms, you can consider having a built-in wardrobe and bathroom door altogether. Extra cabinets can be created above the bathroom door for additional storage.

Interior Designer: Ace Space Design



11. HDB homeowners can have indoor balconies, too. All you have to do is find a small area near the window and set up a divider (either using glass doors or walls). Leaving it open is a viable option as well. An indoor balcony can also be used as a play area for your kids, a cosy reading corner, a bicycle storage area, or even an extra place for you to hang out the laundry if your service yard is too small.

Interior Designer: Hue Concept, Cozy Ideas



12. Not enough space in your living room for a proper coffee table? No worries. You can always choose sofas with customised arms to place your cups and items. Discover more ways to save space at home here.

Interior Designers: Meter Square, Earth Interior Design



13. Every living room can exude style if you exercise some creativity. Feel free to play around with furniture placement and different colour palettes.

Interior Designer: Design 4 Space



14. There are plenty of ways you can design your bathroom. Begin by deciding on an appropriate set of tiles you’d like. Make things more interesting with miniature framed pop art or animal-shaped plants. For homeowners who are always looking to maximise space, add a mirror cabinet for your necessities.

Interior Designers: I-Bridge Design, Inspire ID Group



15. Need more ideas on where you should place your built-in wardrobe and other elements? Here’s one of many ways you can layout your master bedroom.

Interior Designer: Innerglow Design


Designed by Sophia Wen for
Disclaimer: All dimensions are estimates only and may not be exact measurements. Floor plans from HDB.

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