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14 layouts and ideas for Telok Blangah ParcView

Bounded by Telok Blangah Heights and Telok Blangah Street 31, Telok Blangah Parcview comprises seven 30-storey high residential blocks. You can choose from 1,480 units of Studio Apartments, 3- and 4-room standard flats offered by at development. With the abundant greenery offered by Telok Blangah Hill Park and the convenience to malls such as Vivo City, it holds promises for future homeowners. If you are clueless and wants an idea on how to design it, below are some suggestions for you!


– Good for homeowners who would prefer keeping the original layout.
– A strategically placed mirror will make the house look bigger and having it near the dining area is good for Feng Shui.
– Having the same colour, theme, and material will make the whole house look like a whole.

Interior Designer: Design 4 Space


– A Cafe style interior. For more ideas of cafe style: Home Interior Ideas that are Inspired from Cafes.
– Replace your kitchen wall with a glass wall or a fake window to give the illusion of a bigger space.
– Match your furniture, flooring, material (wood, laminate, etc), tiles, and lighting with your design theme.

Interior Designers: I-Chapter, The 80’s Studio


Innovative dining table & chairs:
– Good for homeowners with children to enable the children to have more play area.
– Good for homeowners who don’t cook and eat often at home.

Interior Designer: JSR Design & Renovation


– For homeowners who want to combine the study room and bedroom into one space.
– False ceiling with downlight and cove light + mirror + cabinet + platform design will make the entire room look very cosy and have a condo feel.
– More samples for HDB Designs that look like Condos: 14 HDB Designs That Look Like Condo.

Interior Designer: Xprado Interior Design


– Replace the kitchen wall with a glass wall to create the illusion of a bigger house.
– Good for homeowners who want to have an open kitchen but wants to contain the smell and grease.
– But the glass wall is harder to maintain and clean.
– Having cove lights near the dining area will make it feel cosier.
– Add racks or storage spaces to easily access the items you often use during meals.

Interior Designer: Einstein Studio


– Visually combine the living room and study room by installing a glass door and glass windows. A Bi-fold system can be used to reduce the swing area of the door.
– Frame up your glass door and window to add interest to it.

Interior Designer: DISTINCTidENTITY


– Good for homeowners who dare to explore new designs and partially combining different spaces.
– Provides with a bigger wardrobe space.
– Presents a cosy and luxurious aura with its ‘open space’ concept.

Interior Designer: DISTINCTidENTITY


– Create a platform under your bed to allow for more storage space.
– An L-shaped wardrobe provides you with more wardrobe space while separating the room.
– See more sample of platform design: Practical Platform, Perfect Storage Solution.

Interior Designer: Dream Creations Interior


– Open kitchen concept ideas to physically combine the kitchen, dining and living area.
– Play and mix tiles to create a unique home design.
– The kitchen island can be doubled up as a dining table.
– Find out more about tiles design ideas: Boring Floor no more with these Awesome Tile Transition Ideas!.


– Good for homeowners who require more storage space as the bay window can be doubled as a storage and seating space.
– More ideas for bay windows: 10 Ways to Utilize your Bay Window and Renovation Insights Part 2: Utilizing Bay windows.
– Other storage ideas for small home: Amazing Storage Secrets that Every Homeowners Should Know.

Interior Designer: Dots N Tots Interior


– Such space saving ideas creates a Japanese zen interior theme.
– Hidden storage compartments allow you to have the freedom of space when not in use.
– Provides a clean and empty look.
– See more sample of platform designs: Practical Platform, Perfect Storage Solution


– Add a mirror wall to the illusion of a bigger house.
– Match furniture, lightings, materials (woods, laminate, etc), colours, and tiles to have a unified and cosy atmosphere.

Interior Designer: Space Living Concept


– An L-shaped table and cabinet area is essential in creating space in the room.
– Use a daybed instead of a normal bed to save space and to emphasise on a home office. It can be used as a bed or a couch.
– Find out more about daybed: Time To Change You Bed? Consider A Daybed


– Instead of buying a bench, you can choose to extend your tv console to the dining area to have more seats available.
– Having a mirror near the dining area is important to make the entire house look bigger. Without it, imagine how small the space would be without the mirror wall.

Interior Designer: Three-D Conceptwerke


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Disclaimer: All dimensions are estimates only and may not be exact measurements. Floor plans and artist’s impression from HDB.

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