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13 magnificently multifunctional furniture

In a constantly urbanising world, people’s homes are getting smaller and smaller. Embracing fluid living in order to fully maximise space is a more urgent task than before. The concept injects flexibility into a home, where there are no fixed spaces; the living room doubles as the bedroom, the kitchen functions also as a workstation. Spaces are open-ended and flow seamlessly from one to another.

Design: Museum Homes

In that environment, furniture takes on new meanings. No longer one-dimensional or reduced to simplistic terms, furniture in a fluid home are smarter, work harder and are usually adept in more than one role.

These space-savers encapsulate the idea of fluid living, and are great for homeowners living in small apartments. Multifunctional, mobile and modular, they show that staying in a small space doesn’t mean you can’t live large.



Furniture with wheels facilitate connection between rooms. They help to meet needs temporarily, without a permanent stay.

#1: Mobile bar cart and coffee table

Castors attached to the base help to move the coffee table easily from room to room. Great for functioning as a roving bar cart for when you have a dinner party. Once the party is over, return it to its spot in the living room, where it serves once again as a coffee table.

Lallerod Coffee Table, $89.90, Ikea

#2: Walking wardrobe

A portable closet is the perfect accompaniment to your built-in wardrobe, as a means to store extra clothes that you don’t wear very often. Store it out of sight when you don’t need it and wheel it in when you want access to the clothes.

Atelier K 2 Drawer Compartment Rack, $671, Mountain Teak

#3: Portable charging table

Here’s a table that’s light enough so you can take it around the house to charge your smart devices. An adjustable height creates flexibility. Use it as a bedside, accent or coffee table.

iTable, $488, Space Man


You only have one job? Not these furniture. They’re working double duty today, all day, every day. The most hardworking pieces in town.

#4: Mirror with a compartment

You won’t need extra storage with this mirror that comes with a powder-coated steel frame at the back. Ideal for hooking up your fashion accessories.

Menu Full Cage Mirror, $163, Bibliotek

#5: Not just a wall light

This elegantly designed wall mounted lamp is also a storage space for all your knick-knacks like your keys and sunnies.

Keep Wall Lamp, $364, Kuhl Home

#6: The sofa with add-ons

Sofas are one of the biggest things in the living room, and they take up a lot of space. So it’s nice to have a sofa that does more than allow people to sit on.

Ekebol, $590, Ikea


Transformable furniture collapse and convert into different looks with renewed purposes.

#7: A multipurpose adjustable table

A button underneath lets you adjust the table from a height of 64cm to 110cm. You can use it as a play table for children, a work table, a dining table, a tall bar, or a kitchen island. It can be extended with two extension leaves stored under the tabletop to increase its seating capacity from eight to 12 people.

SM30 table, from $5,145, Danish Design

#8: A sofa that is also a bed

A daybed is a great alternative to the regular bed, as it doesn’t take up that much space. During the day, it works as a sofa or a lounge chair, and by night it serves as a sleeping sanctuary.

Polqa Sofa, $4,500, Journey East

#9: The chair that could

Have it sit upright to facilitate conversations. Lean it back to turn it into your favourite reading chair. Or have it fall prostate to function as floor cushions for when you have guests over.

B-line Multichair, price upon request, Lifestorey

#10: A footstool with a hidden sleeping function

Peel off the cover and unravel the stool to reveal a single bed.

Xtra Footstool, $810, BoConcept


Modular furniture expands when there’s a growing need and contracts when the need ceases.

#11: A coffee table that grows

This low platform table is made using strips of oak and come with additional components with varying heights and shapes that fit easily on top to allow you to customise the table to your needs.

Track Coffee Table, price upon request, Grafunkt

#12: An armchair for one into a sofa for more

Featuring gorgeous curves, this armless chair is comfortable enough as a single module. But combined with another armless module, it transforms into an ultra comfy love seat for two. And it can continue to grow.

Moore Armless Sofa, $589, Castlery

#13: A multifunctional shelving system

This modular bookcase lets you create shelves that fit your space and your needs exactly. Use it as a dividing barrier or a display shelf. If you incorporate cubic containers, it turns into a storage space for toys or even clothes.

Kartell Modular Bookshelf, price upon request, Space

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