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13 Best Kept Kitchen Secrets which every Homeowner should know


Kitchen secret 1_Grated Butter

Image from thekitchn

Froze a stick of butter so that it can be quickly grated into fluffy shreds which melt and soften quickly. This helps to reduce time needed to soften the butter stick prior adding it into flour or spreading on a bread toast or even on a baked potato!

Kitchen secret 2_Fresh Eggs

Image from onejive

Egg shells are highly porous and therefore, they become lighter as they are left on the shelf longer. This explains why no-so-fresh eggs will eventually float. In fact, the infographics above illustrates very clearly how you can test the eggs for freshness!

Kitchen secret 3_orange

Image from jewelpie

How many of you have been peeling the orange the wrong way? Well, here is a fuss free and ingenious way to peel your orange! All you need is to make 3 neat cuts in the orange; top, bottom and side!

Kitchen secret 4_rug

Image from Reddit

Loose floor rug poses a real safety hazard in the kitchen. So, secure your kitchen rug firmly with a strip of velcro at each corner. This makes the rug slip proof and makes the kitchen much safer.

Kitchen secret 5_grip

Image from Sugru

The amazing, almighty Sugru turns into a durable, flexible silicone, heatproof grip for the metal pan handle! Good news is that Sugru ships to Singapore too!

Kitchen secret 6_water stain

Image from charlesandhudson

A white non-gel based toothpaste is all you need to remove the annoying water stains and rings from the wooden kitchen top!

Kitchen secret 7_cubes

Image from foodnetwork

Freeze homemade sauces in ice cube trays. Cubed sauce makes it much easier to estimate the portion to be used or be reheated in a sauté pan.

Kitchen secret 8_icecream

Image from snapguide

An air tight zip block bag keeps out the freezing cold air from the ice cream tub, keeping it as soft and fresh! Additional tip; push out as much air out of the bag as you can prior storing in the freezer.

Kitchen secret 9_dental floss

Image from thekitchn

An unscented dental floss is a great substitute for a cheese wire when you cut a softened cheese. Dental floss also works great for slicing cakes or even tou-fu into layers too.

Kitchen secret 10_frozen grapes

Image from vanillaextract

Frozen grapes makes great healthy snacks while keeping wines chilled. You can substitute frozen grapes with frozen strawberries or other types of fruits to keep your drinks chilled.

Kitchen secret 11_yogurt_icecream

Image from onegoodthingbyjillee

Here is a quick DIY to make your very own frozen yogurt treats that is guilt-free and healthy! This simple food hack works well with any yogurt pack that comes with a soft cover, which allows Popsicle sticks to perforate from the top.

Kitchen secret 12_stale cake

Image from createdby-diane

Aside from keeping hunger at bay in the morning, bread can be used to keep a cake from drying up. Cover the exposed cake areas with pieces of bread and hold them in place with toothpicks. Vola~!  The cake will stay moist and soft longer with this little niffy trick!

Kitchen secret 13_shred_kitchen_aids

Image from bluecricketdesign

Shred chicken is never easier with KitchenAid! Place a whole piece of cooked chicken breast (while still hot) into your KitchenAid with the beater attachment. Turn it on (with a medium setting) for about 45 seconds and get shredded chicken meat almost instantly!

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