10 Ways to Utilize your Bay Window!

  • May 30, 2016

10 Ways to utilise the Bay Windows

Do you know that bay window design was a hugely popular feature of residential Victorian-style architecture in the British Isles back in the 1870s?

Well, aside from providing an uniquely shaped alcove in the inside, having a bay window actually means getting privileged access to alternate, beautiful views of the external surroundings which a normal, flat 2-dimensional window is unable to offer. Furthermore, a bay window actually makes a room appear bigger and brighter than it actually is since since the unique design lets in more natural light.

Nevertheless, instead of recognizing that bay windows add more space in the interior since they protrude out into the exterior, there are still homeowners who dismiss this distinctive structure as wasted area. What these homeowners fail to realize is that whether having a bay window is regarded as a boon or bane depends largely on how they utilize the nook creatively.

Well, there are many interesting ideas which can stretch the use of these bay windows further, making them indispensable features in the house. In fact, here are a couple of ideas for maximizing the benefits which the bay windows have to offer.

Study Ledges or Vanity Makeup Tables

Erecting built-in desk or vanity table on the bay window is a practical way to utilize the space since the bay window is a brightly lit nook since it allows more light into the room.

Bay_window_01_Study_LedgeThe80sStudio-Bellysa2-03Interior Designer: The 80's Studio

BNW-Alexander-08Interior Designer: Black N White House

SkyCreation-Interlace-03Interior Designer: Sky Creation Design

SpaceSense-tpy-05Interior Designer: Space Sense Studio


Bay_window_01Source: theedgeproperty.com.sg

TV console or Open Shelf display

Similarly, a custom built TV console with ample storage can be built. Furthermore, a slim backless, open shelf display is perfect for showcasing ornaments while still allowing light to stream into the room. To let in more natural light, the shelf display can be made entirely of glass or acrylic.





Projectfile-TieraVue-04Interior Designer: Project File

Bay_window_02Source: theedgeproperty.com.sg

Lounging area with Storage

Extra storage space can also be freed up when cabinets are added at the base of the seating area.


UnityID-14EightCourtyards-04Interior Designer: Unity Interior Design


BNW-Alexander-05Interior Designer: Black N White House

akihaus-skyline2-03Interior Designer: akiHAUS

dplanner-kovan-04Interior Designer: D'Planner


Sofa, bed frame or Storage headboard

A customized sofa or bench when built over the bay window, cleverly camouflage the cozy nook. A bed frame can also be customized  over the bay window, with ample storage built below the bed. Alternatively, a storage headboard can be built over the bay window.too!

Bay_window_07_Sofa Bench

akihaus-skyline2-04Interior Designer: akiHAUS

UrbanHabitat-368-thomson-09Interior Designer: Urban Habitat Design

Bay_window_03Source: waplag.net

Bay_window_08_Bed Frame

ACVision-33Trilliant-02Interior Designer: AC Vision Design

Projectfile-thomson-013Interior Designer: Project File

juzinterior-tampines-06Interior Designer: Juz Interior


Bay_window_09_HeadboardBay_window_05Source: homeanddecor

Sink cum Vanity Counter

Building a sink over the bay window in the bathroom helps to free up more space.

Bay_window_10_SinkBay_window_04Source: homeanddecor

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