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10 Ways To Decorate Your Home in Art Deco

Sometimes elegant and sometimes flamboyant, Art Deco is a design style from the 1920s and ‘30s and characterised by symmetry, geometric shapes, and loud colours. Loved the movie The Great Gatsby and its grand décor? Then here are ten ways to infuse its Art Deco style into your home!



Bold yet classic colours such as black, white, and red are often used in Art Deco. With a dramatic curvilinear stroke across the ceiling, The Interior Lab certainly isn’t shy with the Art Deco influences.



Speaking of bold, nothing is more eye-catching than lime green. Accentuated by the rectilinear wall design, this bedroom designed by Archetype Pte Ltd sure is avant-garde.



If that’s too much for your liking, sneak in a touch of Art Deco with a geometric screen, like what Design 4 Space has done here.



Another thing that was popular in the Art Deco era is parquet wooden flooring, especially the light-coloured variety. Follow Lux Design‘s lead and lay it liberally all over your floors, including the staircase steps!



Art Deco is heavily influenced by Egyptian culture. Under Inside Living‘s direction, hieroglyphic prints have been incorporated into the bed covers to reflect exactly that.



Take the cue from Space Define and add Art Deco glam to your living space with glossy black surfaces and metallic sculptures.



You can do Art Deco with neutrals too. Follow in 9 Creation‘s footsteps and match glossy furnishing with high-contrast colours for a luxe feel.



White-and-black bathrooms don’t have to be boring. With glossy black fixtures and unabashed crocodile print all over the walls an abundance of black, Vibrante Interior conveys opulence and luxury in the bathroom.



A more modern take on the monochromatic Art Deco bathroom, Sky Creation uses glossy finishes to highlight the matching geometric elements on the wall and mirror. Top that off with an edgy wash basin and you’re set!



Glossy black? Check. Fur rug? Check. Bold prints? Check. Designed by I-Bridge Design, this regal abode pins Art Deco down to a T.

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