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10 Trendier-than-Scandi Interior Design Styles for Your Home

It seems a good majority of homeowners in Singapore love the Scandinavian style. What’s not to love about the light, bright and affordable interior design? But if you’re one to buck the trend, we have a few equally trendy alternatives for you:


1. Mid-century Modern

If you love Scandi aesthetics, you would love mid-century modern. The popular Nordic style is very much influenced by this style, a period of design from the 1930s to 1960s. The colour palette for this timeless design is neutral, although they do tend to feature saturated hues like burnt orange or mustard yellow as accents. Walls are usually kept white, but darker colour schemes, more typical of the late mid-century modern period, are also used.

Design: The Monocot Studio


2. Modern French

For something more sophisticated and elegant, consider the modern French flair, ala Parisian chic. To summarise this style, it’s a classy combination of the ornate and traditional with the modern and sleek. It’s not an overly formal look so don’t feel like you should have symmetrical rooms, elaborate décor or excessively opulent materials. Instead, inject a homey, welcoming ambience to your space with practical, comfortable pieces that can withstand everyday wear and tear, while featuring a couple of vintage, antique furniture for that classic flair.

Design: Fuse Concept


3. Coastal

Many of us can only dream of beachside living, but if there’s one way to make us feel like we’re always on a holiday next to the ocean, it’s the coastal style. This style says casual and cosy with shiplap panelling, soft furnishings and plenty of natural materials like wood or jute. You want a home that feels soothing and relaxing, just like you would at a beach. Hues shouldn’t be jarring. Pick those that can be found along the coast: off-whites, shades of blues and hints of yellows or tans.

Design: Charlton Design


4. Hamptons Style

The Hamptons style is actually very similar to coastal, except it’s more polished and luxurious as compared to the more rustic coastal interior design. This style uses a lot of white on white. Go for a clean, crisp hue and accent with darker hues like navy blue or greys. Like coastal, you can add in textures like rattan and linen, but throw in a couple of luxe materials like suede. A Hamptons style home would also be airy and bright, so think about including light and airy day curtains as well as glass panels for dividers.

Design: The Design Abode


5. Japanese Style

If you’re looking to achieve a calming environment for your home, think about going for a Japanese style interior. This style thrives on simplicity and serenity, which is a nice break from the chaos of our busy lives. Keep your environment clutter-free with plenty of hidden storage. Feature light wood surfaces with a warm, yellowish tinge, and go for furniture that are low on the ground. For more authenticity, you can include Shoji screens as dividers as well as a room laid with tatami mats.



Design: D5 Studio Image


6. Old-school Singapore

Channel the look of yesteryear Singapore with this nostalgic, retro-fied look. The key to this look is really about sourcing for the right accessories and furniture. Look around vintage shops and second-hand stores. Get furniture from places like Journey East, The Godown, Hock Siong, Retro Colony and Second Charm. Think gaudy floral print sofas, kopitiam-style chairs, plastic mushroom style lamps, intricately designed metal grille dividers, terrazzo flooring, a mid-century style colour scheme, square ceramic tiles and standalone storage pieces.

Design: Free Space Intent


7. Modern Farmhouse

Rustic, relaxed and reassuring, the modern farmhouse style is like the chicken soup of interior design. There’s a lot to love about this casual interior style, which is characterised by barn doors, weathered wood surfaces, shaker-style cabinets and butcher block counters. To keep the look modern, opt for a neutral colour scheme with whites, greys and blacks. Invite plenty of raw and rustic textures and accent with a couple of industrial elements.

Design: The 80’s Studio


8. Chinoiserie Chic

Ironically, the term ‘Chinoiserie’ was derived from Europe despite its Oriental inspirations. It was borne out of a fascination for Chinese pottery and culture during the 18th century, when trade with China was opened to the rest of the world. This style reeks of opulence, mingling elements from the East and West. Infuse a few bold Chinoiserie elements into the home while keeping the rest of the décor and furniture modern luxe. Look out for blue-and-white wares, furnishings with dragon, pagoda, foo dog, bamboo or floral motifs, glossy, lacquered furnishings, Ming-style chairs, or cushions decked out in traditional qipao knot buttons.

Design: Living Icon


9. Urban Loft

This style emerged at a time in 1960s New York when artists converted old factories and warehouses into studio spaces to showcase their works. On poor artists’ budgets, most features—brickwork, beams and piping—in the space were retained, offering a raw, grungy vibe that is not dissimilar to the industrial style we know today. Today, the urban loft design is characterised mainly by an open floor plan and eclectic furnishing that reflect the personalities of the occupants.

Design: Linear Space Concepts


10. Balinese Resort

For nature-lovers, you might want to consider turning your abode into a Balinese style luxury resort. This style encompasses plenty of greenery to mirror the lush foliage surrounding the island. The adherence to nature doesn’t end here. Use also natural materials like teak and stone in your furnishings and surfaces. To truly create a relaxing retreat, incorporate cosy breakfast nooks as well as lounge furniture like daybeds bedecked with linen-covered cushions.

Design: Design Zage


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