10 Thoughtful Christmas Gifts That Will Rock The Season

  • Dec 17, 2014

Getting the perfect Christmas present can be a rather stressful affair, but no worries! Here is a list of 10 thoughtful Christmas ideas that we hope will help ease the mind-boggling mission of buying a suitable gift. You can even make some of them on your own!  

[1] Mt. Sapola Owl Diffuser (Limited Edition)

Before you dismiss this as an all too common present for your loved ones, know that stress levels are on the rise for Singapore's working population. So what better present can you give to someone who is feeling under the weather or overwhelmed at work than a diffuser and a collection of different home essential oils? Aromatherapy helps to relieve stress because it stimulates the release of certain chemicals in the brain to help people relax. For instance, the citrusy and fresh bergamot essential oil has soothing properties that can help to relieve stress and uplift the mood.


Price: $89.90 each Available at Mt Sapola's retail stores island-wide till the end of 2014 www.mountsapola.com  

[2] Thermos® Shuttle Chef® KBG-series

Yes, we know there used to be a taboo against buying your mother/sister/wife any kitchen appliance for Christmas. But if they take pride in their cooking and is always whipping up some kind of awesome meal in the kitchen, then this will make a suitable gift. The latest Shuttle Chef® vacuum insulated stainless steel thermal cooker fromThermos®, this nifty appliance comes with an improved outer lid and a choice of 2 classy sheen surfaces to suit every kitchen.


Price: $250 (3L), $290 (4.5L) Available at all major department stores  

[3] Piano Spa 7 by Chester Tan & Bevlyn Khoo

With almost everyone listening to digital music nowadays, the CD has become almost like an anomaly. But for the good old-fashioned music lover who has an extensive collection of musical goodies, this is one album that will make a thoughtful yet relaxing gift. Put together by award-winning composer Chester Tan and local songwriter talent Bevlyn Khoo, Piano Spa 7 will infuse your home with a sense of serenity. With the help of some well-placed aromatic candles, of course.


Click here for exclusive photos and music samples from the album. Available in stores (Popular, That CD Shop, HMV) and iTunes.  

[4] Coffee Mug Cozy

If your friend or colleague is one of those people who cannot keep their eyes open without the help of a java or tea, then a coffee mug in a cozy might just be one of the sweetest thing you can do for them. After all, you're providing them with the means to keep their beverage warm for a longer time! You can simply buy a pair of stylish socks and slip one sock over any mug (preferably new). Scrunch up the top part of the socks to give a rugged look, then snip off the bottom part to create an opening. Last but not least, glue the raw ends with fabric glue and voilà! Instant cutsy coffee mug cozy.

coffee-mug-cozySource: Hometalk

Keen to make one of your very own for your loved ones? Then check out the various knit and crochet cozy patterns here to get some inspiration! You can even make an entire teapot cozy collection so let your imagination run wild.  

[5] Wood Photo Gift

This is definitely our favourite gift of the lot because just look at it! Isn't it just creative to have your forever memories etched onto a wooden surface? It not only makes for the perfect photographic gift; this wood photo also has a vintage feel that will charm the socks off anyone who sees it.

transferring-photos-onto-wood-as-a-giftSource: Hometalk

Check out how to transfer your favourite photos in this easy-to-follow tutorial.  

[6] Luggage Cover

Is your loved one, friend or colleague one big blur sotong who always can't find their luggage on the belt at the airport? Alleviate their anxiety by getting them a eco-friendly luggage cover from Loqi! Made from reusable polyester and spandex, the Loqi luggage cover is both water resistant and washable. It also comes in lots of attractive designs and is able to fit most medium-sized luggages measuring 23" to 26".

loqi-luggage-coverSource: Loqi

Available at all The Planet Traveller outlets at ION Orchard, Marina Square, Paragon, and Changi Airport Terminal 3.  

[7] Bucketlist Map Scratch Edition

Help your loved ones discover new places to explore with this Bucketlist Map Scratch Edition from Naiise! From big-name spots to little-known gems, you can discover and plan wondrous trips with this scratch edition of a map which allows you to scratch off silver layers to uncover different countries.

bucketlist-map-scratch-editionSource: Naiise

Price: $49.90 Available at Naiise.  

[8] IKEA Soft Toys

The reason why gift-giving is such a popular activity is because it makes people and communities feel good. Not just for the receivers, but for the givers as well. But what if you can do a good deed in the process of buying a Christmas present? Well, you can now do that with IKEA's annual global Soft Toys for Education campaign where the IKEAFoundation will donate €1 (S$1.65) to fund education programmes worldwide supported by UNICEF and Save the Children with every soft toy purchased. Isn't that just sweet? You can choose from IKEA's new range of soft toys from fairy tales such as the LILLGAMMAL little red-riding hood doll and KATTUGGLA soft toy owl as gifts OR buy and donate them to special bins in the IKEA stores.


Click here for respective prices. Available at IKEA Alexandra & IKEA Tampines  

[9] Muji Touch Panel Gloves - Border

Here is another nifty gift idea for people whose family members live in wintry wonderlands. Designed to enable the wearer to tap away on their phones even through the gloves, a pair of Muji's Touch Panel Gloves will warm both the paws and all the way to the bottom of your recipient's heart. It might even make for a good companion in freezing conditions at the office!

muji-touch-panel-glovesSource: Muji Singapore

Price: $29 Available at all Muji outlets  

[10] New Potato Technologies Foosball for iPad

Great for game-obsessed people or family members who can't tear their eyes off their iPad, this app-enabled accessory comes with 8 functional 2-axis control bars and real scoring markers at each end. It brings an incredible experience complete with all the elements you can think of in a complete simulation so the once lone wolf gamer will have to do some social gaming on the iPad with other people for once (or a few times)!

new-potato-technologies-foosballSource: Expansys SG

Price: $152.99 Available at www.expansys.com.sg
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