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10 Simple Hacks For Freeing Up Space In Your Home

10 Simple Hacks For Freeing Up Space In Your Home

“So many stuff…so little space!”

Unfortunately, this is a common problem faced by most households of new apartments in recent years. Overtime, the average size of the HDB flat and private apartments has shrunk drastically. This is due to the need to maximise Singapore’s limited land, cater to the increasing population and changing demands of the household sizes.

In other words, modern living is really all about maximizing our limited living space  in a more creative and smart manner as much as possible. In fact in this short post, I have rounded up 10 niffy ideas to free up space around your home!


Hacks Free Up Space 01Image source: Pinterest

inzzstudio-Viz-04 Interior Designer: Inzz Studio



AceSpace-ClementiAve4-05 Interior Designer: Ace Space Design

Hack #1: A pull-out kitchen table can be tucked away when not in use!


Hacks Free Up Space 02Image source:

Hack #2: Sliding door helps to negotiate a tight space while freeing up space behind the door. In addition, sliding doors with glass insets allow in more light and brighten up any room!

Hacks Free Up Space 03Image source: Pinterest

Hack #3: A compact washing sink and toilet combo helps to recycle water more efficiently while keeping their footprint as small as possible.


Hacks Free Up Space 04Image source:


ChapterB-FlamingoValley-03 Interior Designer: Chapter B

Hack #4: A Murphy bed, also known as a wall bed, can be stored vertically against the wall and hidden away from sight.

hallwayHacks Free Up Space 05Image source:

Hack #5: V-shaped shelves are perfect for small odd corners and the slanted position allows for more shoes to be stored vertically.

living roomSimply Awesome Couch Sofa Arm Rest Wrap Tray Table With Side Sofa Arm Table - mediningroomsets.infoImage source:

ax-telok-blangah-crescent-01 Interior Designer: AX Image Design Concept

SpaceAtelier-BlossomRes1-03 Interior Designer: Space Atelier

Hack #6: Sofa arm tables are good replacement for coffee tables.

Hacks Free Up Space 08Image source: Pinterest

Hack #7: The pull down table actually functions as a picture when not in use!

Hacks Free Up Space 10

Image source: homecrux

Hack #8: The Digital Time Shelf by Dzmitry SAMAL is perhaps the most creative illustration of a multi-functional home furnishing; which is a storage shelf that actually doubles as a wall clock! So, do invest in a furniture that pulls double or triple duty! 🙂

PatioHacks Free Up Space 07

Image source: Pinterest

Hack #9: The bench seats can also double up as storage spaces in the patio.

StaircasesHacks Free Up Space 09

Image source: buzzfeed

design4space-Westwood-01 Interior Designer: Design 4 Space

SpaceDefine-Bishan-03 Interior Designer: Space Define Interior

Hack #10: The dead space beneath the stairs can be converted into functional and practical use!

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