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10 Planning Secrets to a Successful Kitchen Island

Workspace has always been a big issue in kitchens, which is why designers developed a special counter known as the kitchen island. It’s typically located in the centre of the kitchen, where families can gather around for a quick meal or home chefs can work their culinary magic. It also works best in an open concept setting. But if you have limited space at home, here are 10 ways to interpret the kitchen island as something that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.


The kitchen island may be multi-functional, but it doesn’t mean you have to do everything in the same place! Use a glass divider like what Inside Living has done here, to cleanly demarcate the space while keeping things bright and airy.



Sometimes a kitchen island can be extended to include a proper dining table where your guests can hang out without getting in your way in the kitchen, like this nifty design by 9 Creation.



For an efficient kitchen, the kitchen island doesn’t have to be humongous. All it takes is for the kitchen island to be placed within the work triangle, a trait that Sky Creation has cleverly displayed here.



This is a kitchen island that is solely devoted to prep work, but Inside Lookz made it the focal point by pairing it with a gorgeous set of hood and hob along with some stylish carpentry work.



Seating arrangements should never ever be within the work area, because that will increase the risk of people getting into kitchen related accidents. Inside Living understood this well, which explains why the chairs are situated on the outer part of the kitchen island.



In this kitchen, 9 Creation re-interprets the kitchen island as a versatile divider that distinguishes the main kitchen area on one side from the laundry area on the other.



Another optimal design by Sky Creation; the layout is designed so that traffic flows unhindered around the work space but not through it.



Under Space Define‘s direction, this compact kitchen island is a place for much needed storage on one side but becomes a cosy nook for a table of 2 on the other—thanks to the elevated level between the 2 sides.



JSR Design & Renovation knows that kitchen island (or peninsular) can also make the perfect bar counter for friends’ gatherings, so they converted the space overhead into a handy rack to hold wine glasses and other glassware.



If there is no way to install a glass divider to demarcate the different spaces, then you might want to follow Ace Space Design’s lead in setting the dining table extension on a lower height so that both spaces are clearly defined.

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