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10 Magazine-Worthy Homes Swathed In White

Chic, classy and timeless. White is one of the most popular shades used in interior decor as it’s the perfect backdrop to any colour. But what about decorating mainly with white? Will it look too washed out or plain? Read on to see how these homes did exactly that and made it work.



White looks clean and beautiful, but all-white spaces can seem a little sterile. To keep things homely, 9 Creation uses wood surface furnishings which add warmth.



With the addition of light shades such as ivory, eggshell, pale grey and taupe, this living room designed by The Interior Lab enjoys an injection of interest.



To avoid a one-dimensional look, follow Archetype Pte Ltd‘s lead and limit the use of hard, glossy pieces. Instead, balance them with soft furnishings such as cushions, rugs, throws and upholstery.



Or go the zany route with bright colours that pop! Here, Sky Creation has used a saturated Radiant Orchid hue for a splash of colour.



White is versatile and works well with any interior style, which 3D Innovations understands. Mix and match textures, from rough and tactile to bright and gleaming, to create dimension and depth.



Stretches of white make a space look larger, and Design 4 Space makes use of glossy surfaces and glass accents in this contemporary living room to reflect light even more.



Bright whites give modern, minimalist spaces that extra-sharp zing. Ace Space Design takes it one step further with blue-tinted lights for a galactic glow.



White is also a great way to introduce subtle print and add interest. See how Inside Living creates a peek-a-boo effect with an embossed rose pattern against a white wall.



Accessories don’t have to be aplenty to make a statement in this room designed by Ken Home Design, thanks to the clean canvas of white. Just a few unique pieces such as animal ornaments and oriental roll-down blinds make this bedroom a homely place.



You can also add a hint of silver, or some crystal and glass elements for glimmer and shine. Not sure what’s a good balance? Take the cue from this design by NorthWest Interior Design.

So if you’re craving for pristine white but find it tricky to strike a balance, apply these tips to make your home a cosy cocoon of white!

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