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10 Inspiring Ways To Create Space in Your Small Home

You know the saying: “Make space where there is none” Okay, I just made that up but here are 10 ideas on how to create space in your small home from the various IDs that you can find on our website


Sometimes making space can be all about carving out areas for different purposes. Urban Habitat keeps things stylish yet simple by putting a TV feature wall between the living room and the dining area. Pretty multi-functional, don’t you think?



Why limit yourself to a room-by-room situation when you can remove the walls in between to create a much larger living space like what Vertice Concepts has done here?



Want to feel less claustrophobic? Then remove the walls to the common room and watch as natural light works its spatial magic on your home like this design by Dyel Design.



In small apartments where there is hardly any space to be had, you can consider pushing back the visual impact of walls with glass walls just like what Sky Creation has done here.

Lux Design believes that the kitchen doesn’t always have to be an enclosed area so they opened up the walls to give it a more spacious feel. See how the kitchen can now connect flawlessly to the dining area?



If you don’t have enough rooms, you can always carve out one of your own. But don’t put up entire walls; go for glass windows that do more than just cut down on the claustrophobic factor. They can apparently encourage more interaction between people in different spaces as well! Looks like Inspire by D’trenzo has thought of everything…



Here’s a creative way to both preserve privacy AND open up the space after removing the walls to the common room. Design 4 Space puts in classy bi-fold glass doors to keep things neatly demarcated.



9 Creation balances the cold austere nature of glass with colours and textures that warm the overall concept. This is very important because you don’t want to feel like you’re living in a fish bowl!



In this design, Sky Creation distinguish the cosy nook through the use of wallpaper. Need more privacy without sacrificing the natural light? Then invest in a set of frameless glass doors to keep things well-lit.



Make use of the adjoining room by converting it into a walk-in wardrobe like what Inspire by D’trenzo has cleverly done here. You probably won’t be able to guess that it’s actually another room if the wardrobe doors were closed!

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