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10 Ideas to Pimp your Home for Halloween!

Halloween is on its way and just around the corner. For those who like to make this festival a memorable one, why not throw a Halloween party with these creative fun ideas? Here are 10 simple ideas to get you started. 🙂

1. Spooky Atmosphere

Use props such as grinning skulls,  scarecrows, bats, bloody vampires, luminous dancing skeletons, laughing witches, creepies and crawlies and so on to pump up the sinister atmosphere.

2. Scary Window Silhouette

Cut out some shapes of bats, skulls, ghosts, witches and so on from a black cardboard and place them on the windows. Turn on the lights to cast shadows of these spooky silhouettes.

3. Spidery Candles

In addition to ramp up the atmosphere, dim your lights and use plenty of candles instead. Purchase white or orange candles from Ikea and use black permanent markers to draw spiders or ants on them. Alternatively, use black candles with white markers to achieve the same result.

4. Jack-o’-Luminaries

Turn your recycled plain white paper bags into those funky Jack-o Luminaries. Use a pencil to draw an outline of a house on the paper bag. Fill in the entire outline with a black marker and tada~; you are almost done. Next, place tealight candles into tall glasses prior placing them into the paper bags for safety reasons.

5. Bewitched Halloween Pumpkins

Halloween pumpkins are supposed to ward off evil spirits and so, be sure to use plenty of pumpkins around the house too. To create your own pumpkin, clean out the insides of the pumpkin through a hole in the bottom and use a permanent marker for the pumpkin’s eyes and mouth.

6. Abandoned Old Home

Purchase a big bag of cotton and stretch them over sofas, picture frames, tables, doorways and so on to remodel an old, abandoned house look! And add a grumpy evil – softtoy – cat for effect!

7. White Sheets
To  make the old abandoned house look even more convincing, use old white sheets to cover furniture and place scatter some dead branches randomly on the floor.

8. Black and White

Be unconventional! Halloween doesn’t have to be decked in orange and black. Choose black and white décor over orange and black. You can paint pumpkins in black and white, use white dinnerware completed with black napkins, and even use black ripped curtains, candles for that grim look!

9. Creepy Specimen or Crawly Titbit Jars and Poison Bottles
Recycle your old glass jars and fill them up with plastic spiders, ants, centipedes and other creepies and crawlies. You can also buy gummy worms and double them up as scary titbit jars for your guests. For poison bottles, place a picture of the skull inside the bottle. Alternatively, paint the inside of the bottle white and use a black marker for the word “P O I S O N”.

10. Spooky Treats

To add the final touch, make your own spooky desserts to delight your guests. For bat, eyeball dessert cookie treats, use white, red or black royal icing on ready baked cookies.

Hope you find these 10 ideas fun and useful. Have a spooooky and willlld Halloween! 😀



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