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10 Deliriously Dreamy HDB Bathrooms You Might Mistaken For A Spa

The bathroom is typically ranked one of the lowest in priority when it comes to home renovation. (“As long as it works, I don’t really care how it looks!”) But with all the attention we’re receiving this year about #selflove, perhaps it’s time to rethink the bathroom as just a functional piece in the home to a spa-like sanctuary that you will want to spend hours pampering yourself in.

This is why in our fourth instalment of our mini series on beautiful HDB designs, we’re looking at gorgeously designed bathrooms. In our previous blogs, we’ve explored the living room, kitchen and the bedroom. We totally get that conventional bathrooms in HDBs and BTOs are awfully small, but that doesn’t mean you can’t work magic in them. These 10 bathrooms show you just how magical they can be.


1. Power punch

Design: Ascenders Design Studio
Location: Serangoon North

Nothing says pow! like orange does. Plus, it helps to create warmth in a sterile room. The top half of the wall in this beautiful bathroom was swathed in a cheery sunrise hue, while the flooring used tiles in a darker, mandarin orange colour. White subway tiles in between help to break the intensity of orange, keeping things clean and modern-looking.


2. Luxury living

Design: Box.ID Studio
Location: Yishun

Now here’s a master en-suite that commands attention. We like that the vanity area is kept separate from the toilet and the shower zone — that is not just practical, it also says luxury hotel bathroom! Rimless mirrored cabinets reflect the daylight from the nearby window, helping to brighten the space.


3. Go green

Design: Box.ID Studio
Location: Waterloo Street

White subway tiles are affordable, classic and functional. But if you’re thinking of something more unconventional, go for emerald ones instead! They make a bold statement when you feature a wall of them, and provide a dash of panache to your contemporary bathroom without sacrificing functionality.


4. Mechanical details

Design: Free Space Intent
Location: Serangoon Ave

Have an industrial-themed home? Take the style to your bathroom too! Make use of cement screed walls, dark woodgrain flooring, black pipes, and exposed wiring and you’ll have a space that oozes utilitarian charm. We recommend incorporating modern sanitary fittings to keep things practical.


5. In full display

Design: Fuse Concept
Location: Ghim Moh Link

Open-plan bathrooms aren’t the reserved of luxurious hotel suites. You can recreate them in your home too by doing away with concrete and replacing them with clear glass walls. The extra room from hacking down all the walls might give you space to incorporate a tub even! If you’re squeamish about having the toilet in full view but are still keen on having an open space, you can opt for frosted glass instead.


6. Hive of fun

Design: Linear Space Concepts
Location: Ang Mo Kio

Now here’s an inspired bathroom! This cosy space takes its inspiration from honeycombs so it uses yellow hexagonal tiles to recreate the look. They stand out brilliantly against the glossy black tiles, helping to add glamour in a space that would otherwise look tacky. Textured floor tiles are not only utilitarian — they help to prevent slip — but also give visual interest.


7. Twinkle twinkle

Design: Meter Cube Interiors
Location: Queen’s Close

Sometimes, all you need to turn your bathroom for ‘blah’ to ‘ta-dah!’ is as simple as a feature column laid with glittery silver mosaic tiles. These stand out against the black colour scheme like stars against the night sky.


8. Divide and conquer

Design: The Scientist
Location: Marine Parade

For folks with the luxury of space, consider having your vanity area outside the toilet and shower. Clear glass walls provide a splash screen, while still allowing natural light to visit every corner of the bathroom. 3D cube floor tiles lend a fun element in the elegant space.


9. Vintage glamour

Design: The 80’s Studio
Location: Yishun

This bathroom evokes a bygone spirit with faded Spanish tiles, a galvanised steel sink, an antique-looking tap, and a single copper cage pendant. A cement screed vanity counter keep things pared-back to allow the details to stand out.


10. Rustic life

Design: Three-d Conceptwerke 
Location: Ang Mo Kio

We love the flat blue panels on the vanity, which are a super trendy look this year. They provide a casual countryside vibe which is boosted thanks to the dried flowers hanging from the pipe. Brass accents from the polygon-shaped mirror and pendant lend a more sophisticated edge to this bathroom.


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