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You Vote, You Decide: Should these 8 Interior Design Trends Stay or Go?

So it’s been a while since our last You Vote, You Decide, a mini series in which we let our readers vote and decide which interior design trends should stay or go. It’s a great way to see what trends resonate with you so that we don’t put forth content that is irrelevant.

For homeowners who like to be at the forefront of trends, this is also a good way to see what everyone else is thinking and whether you should be going ahead with a particular design. That said, your home renovation is really a personal choice. Don’t blindly follow trends as they tend to come and go. Rather, incorporate ones that work for you and your lifestyle.

On that note, vote away!

1. Terrazzo

Design: The Scientist

Besides the nostalgia it evokes, we also love terrazzo for the vibrancy it adds, made more noticeable when you incorporate it within a muted colour scheme. Large format terrazzo—where the individual specks are bigger than the usual size—was particularly popular with on-trend folks.

Design: Ethereall

Despite its vintage origins, (modern) terrazzo is a relatively new trend. It came up in the international scene back in 2017, and exploded on our sunny shores for much of 2019. This year, we are still seeing homes that have incorporated this speckled design. But have we seen too much of it already? And how timeless is terrazzo anyway?

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2. Dark Interiors

Design: The Local Inn.terior

Darkness descended on our interiors in a rude awakening to fans of the classic all-white colour scheme. They evoke all sorts of moodiness and character, hiding secrets (and flaws) in their shadows.

Design: Vän Hus Interior Design

Design magazines and renovation platforms tell of the allure of dark interiors—intimate, elegant, cosy. They sold it to people with small spaces—‘You can do it too! Dark paint adds more visual depth!’ Judging by the dark interiors we are seeing everywhere, a good part of the world is sold. But will this trend go strong? Or will all-white interiors make a major comeback?

Design: Honeywerkz Interior Design

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3. Matte Black Fixtures in the Bathroom

Design: DC Vision Design

In a world of fixtures where polished metallics reign, matte black fixtures had seemed like a breath of fresh air when it first entered the scene. Best employed against a clean, crisp white space, they offer a modern sensibility and an understated elegance. The best part? They are also plenty affordable—it has never been easier to up the level of sophistication in the bathroom.

Design: Weiken

Matte black fixtures are incredibly versatile, complementing a wide range of styles from industrial to minimalist, modern Victorian to farmhouse chic. By and large, they have become ubiquitous. But does this mean the era of matte black fixtures has peaked? Already, we’ve seen a lot of homeowners falling back on the standard chrome with fewer opting for matte black fixtures.

Design: Adroit Interior Design

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4. Muji Style

Design: Dots ‘n’ Tots Interior Design

Ah, the Muji style is (was?) a local favourite. Meshing the elements of minimalism and Japanese Zen is this interior design style that embraces simplicity, clean lines, functional and fuss-free furnishings and lots of light-toned, warm wood. Homeowners in Singapore love it not only because it’s easy to recreate the look, but also because of the sense of calm it evokes.

Design: D5 Studio Image

2018 was the year for the Muji style, with a brief resurgence in the beginning of 2019 thanks to Marie Kondo sparking joy in all of us. We’ve seen fewer homes in Singapore adopting this theme in 2020. Does this mean the end of this popular style? Or will this serene and soothing interior design theme stand the test of time?

Design: Areana Creation

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5. TV Feature Walls

Design: DistinctIdentity

Many homes here have been doing away with TV feature walls in the living room, favouring instead plain and simple walls that blend in with the rest of the walls in the living room. TVs are also more often placed on off-the-rack consoles for less permanence and more affordability, removing the need for any elaborate carpentry.

Design: Notion of W

But feature walls have been popular for a long time. Not only do they provide a focal point for the biggest space in the home, depending on the carpentry, they can also offer lots of storage space. Will TV feature walls go the way of the dinosaurs? You decide.

Design: ROOOT Studio

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6. Tropical Prints

Design: The Interior Lab

For folks who want their homes to feel like a constant vacay, the tropical print is the one they invariably go to. Nothing puts a home in instant holiday mode like palm prints and frolicking flamingos.

Design: Ovon Design

Bordering on kitsch, this print isn’t for everybody, which is why we are seeing a movement into “soft tropics”—a subtler take on the traditional bright hues and bold prints with deeper but less saturated colours as well as more natural looking prints. It’s definitely something more folks can appreciate. What about you? Can you appreciate tropical prints, whether in its full glory or its more understated cousin?

Design: Icon Interior Design

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7. No Top Cabinets in Kitchen

Design: The Local Inn.terior

Back in 2018, we made a note that kitchens in Singapore were embracing the no top cabinets style, which we believe was in a bid to create a more spacious cooking space. Instead of uppers, some went with cubbies or open shelves for extra storage. Others decided to go completely bare, allowing their backsplash to take centre stage.

Design: Authors Interior Design

For those not on board, some have lamented the substantial lack of storage space as well as having to crouch down every time you want to reach for something. Others have commented on its off-kilter look. But we cannot deny its sleek and modern appeal. What do you say? Should this kitchen trend stay or go?

Design: The 80’s Studio

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8. Patterned Tiles

Design: Ethereall

Patterned tiles, it seems, have been around for forever. We saw them in a lot of homes back when we were undergoing the Peranakan tiles phase. We are still seeing them in a lot of homes today, most commonly as a feature in the bathroom or as the kitchen backsplash.

Design: Starry Homestead

Done well, we think they are an easy way to add visual interest and pizzazz to a space. But with the current inclination for keeping things simple, we are thinking this trend might well be on its way out. You tell us.

Design: Adroit Interior Design

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What other interior design trends should we vote on? Let us know in the comments!


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