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What to Consider in HDB Renovation Projects

A Housing and Development Board (HDB) renovation stems from two major reasons: either you just purchased your new flat and you want it to be habitable; or you want to renovate your existing flat to keep it updated or to do maintenance works. An HDB renovation is not just about walls, floors and ceilings. An HDB renovation could include breaking down or creating partitions and setting up new fixtures in your flat. For those who have just purchased their HDB flats, do note that you can only employ HDB-approved renovation companies to do renovation works. HDB has a list of these renovation contractors on their website.


Hiring an HDB renovation contractor is not as easy as picking one on a whim. There are certain aspects to consider. Also, when it comes to your HDB renovation, you need to be extra careful. An HDB renovation does not just involve a few hundred – it entails thousands and thousands of dollars so you have to be careful with how you spend it.

An HDB renovation starts with a full house assessment. This means that you evaluate the usefulness and functionality of the kitchen, living room, toilets, bedrooms and bathrooms. Do not do the assessment all by yourself. Make sure you employ the services of an expert HDB renovation company to do so. The assessment itself will also determine the cost that the renovation will possibly entail.

If some rooms are still in good condition, you can opt to do a partial HDB renovation instead and save up on costs. At times, HDB renovation might require you to replace windows and grilles; countertops and tiles; or bathroom fixtures. If you are going to do so, make sure you pick out environment friendly materials and fixtures.

Singapore has a lot of HDB renovation contractors that offer a variety of packages. You can sort through renovation sites or forums to find out which one would best suit your needs and budget.

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