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Time To Change You Bed? Consider A Daybed

As way back to Ancient Egypt and Ancient Rome, the daybed was already a furniture that was used for resting, eating or anything to do with relaxing.

english-rosewood-chaiseAncient Egypt Daybed: One Kings Lane

chaise-lounge-couchChaise Lounge: Bed Roomi

In modern times, the daybed is a bed that does not convert into a sofa. A cross between a chaise lounge, couch and bed, it is adaptable. With the convertibility of a couch and the luxuriant look of a chaise lounge, the daybed combines the two into one sophisticated seat style.

The daybed is also used for lounging, reclining and sitting in common rooms. Given its versatility, the daybed can be styled to look like a sofa in a multipurpose room such as a TV room or family room that is perfect for relaxing. It also functions as a bed to accommodate afternoon naps or overnight visitors, or a spare sleeping space especially in homes where space is at a premium.

The daybed, usually in twin size, consists of three parts – the frame, mattress support and mattress. The frame can be made of wood, metal or a combination of wood and metal. Real wood is durable and more lasting, while metal is strong and easy to clean.

metal-day-bedMetal daybed: Pinterest

The parts of a daybed comprises two arms and one back. Its back, especially if it is made of wood, is the main frame of focal point and distinctive feature. Its deck, a key part of the daybed, supports the mattress to keep it in place.

Its for-one-only size translates into extra space as well as cushy comfort during one’s time at home. Top the daybed with a textured throw blanket, and place a floor lamp close by, you are in the coziest reading nook in the house. Prop yourself up with a lap desk, you can create the most lavish work-from-home and recline-able workspace imaginable.

It is common to find daybeds with a trundle that expands to sleeping capacity. A trundle unit has a bed frame that holds and stores another mattress underneath the daybed. Pop-up and pull-out trundles are easily available, but gaining popularity is the storage trundle with pull-out drawer(s).

pop-up-trundlePop-up Trundle: Pinterest


modern-daybeds-with-pop-up-trundle-and-nightstandsStorage Trundle: All Modern

The type of daybeds one chooses depends on the decorating style of and its use in the intended room. It can make a striking statement in the study or living room. It can be a conversation piece in and of itself. It can be the ideal place to lounge while entertaining guests.

In our second home, my elder daughter had a black metal-frame daybed that was purchased from Ikea in her bedroom. The style of this daybed suited her bedroom that was also filled with other Ikea furniture and accessories such as a black study table, chandelier pendant lamp, dark walnut chest of drawers, white high and low bookshelves, among others.


ikea-fyresdal-day-bed-with-mattresses-blackFYRESDAL: IKEA


Sectional sofa: Twin of the daybed?

Finding its place in many living rooms is the sectional sofa that complements a two- or three-seater sofa. It is either fixed to or detachable from a sofa. It functions just like the daybed.

castlery-tana_sectional-frontTana Sofa: Castlery

I love my beige fabric sectional sofa (right arm) that accompanies the two-seater sofa in my living room. Strategically positioned next to the only glass wall in the living room, it is the perfect place for “rest and relax” at any time of the day. When home (other than sleeping or working on the home PC), I’m on my favourite furniture, sitting with my legs propped up or lying down with a cushion to support my head and upper back, literally.

rakuten-sofaWater Hyacinth Corner Sofa: Rakuten

During the day, I would sit on it to flip and read the newspapers, surf on my iPad, get busy with my phone, take my coffee breaks or browse a magazine. During the night, I would watch my favourite TV programmes, enjoy the view of my balcony through the glass wall, and sometimes take a quick salad dinner. Falling asleep (that is me!) or (the hubby) deliberately sleeping overnight on this cozy and comfortable daybed is nothing new, with special care taken not to drool on its accompanying cushions and seat!


Tips when choosing a daybed

Choose wood over metal daybeds as the former resembles traditional sofas more than the latter.

hillsdale-jason-daybedHillsdale Jason Daybed: Daybed Deals

Check the manufacturer’s description of the weight specifications of the pull-out trundle especially if the daybed is to be used by older children or adult guests.

Look for microfibre or heavy-weight fabric beddings accessories such as comforters for durability.

Ensure that the height of the mattress is not higher than the frame especially if it has details such as carvings or designs.

largo-lee-daybedLargo Lee Daybed: Daybed Deals

Strip the additional mattress beneath the pull-out trundle of any bedding to avoid it from becoming torn or caught in any part of the frame.

Having or not having a daybed (or a sectional sofa) in the home is not so much about following a trend. It largely depends on whether its uses suit the user(s) in a specific room, and not to forget, the decorating style of the said room.

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