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The Essential Bathroom Renovation Checklist – Finishing Touches

Picking up from the previous instalment of this three-part article, The Essential Bathroom Renovation Checklist – Putting Things in Perspective, we will proceed with the final touches for your bathroom renovation.


  1. The lighting takes the lead. The lighting sets the tone for how practical (or impractical) you want your bathroom to be. Bright lighting will give you enough eye support for your shaving, tweezing and other bathroom activities. Meanwhile, dim lighting is perfect if your bathroom is your relaxation haven (and if you have a tub). The recommended lighting is 4 watts of incandescent light per square foot.
  2. Your bathroom renovation needs accessories makeover too. Towels, soap dishes, towel racks, mirrors, bath mats and even flowers and other potted plants can make your bathroom look a notch better.
  3. Make sure that you get proper ventilation, though. Remember your science class? Wet rooms are great for breeding bacteria. That is why you need proper ventilation and there should be a window large enough to let natural light in. Here, you need to choose the right fan, get it in the right position and you have to get your renovation contractor to hire an electrician for the electrical wiring. Remember that a bathroom with poor ventilation will smell damp and mouldy.
  4. Add touches of green when you can. Many renovation contractors can tell you that in bathroom renovations, going green is in vogue. Use a low flow toilet because this uses up less water and will help you with your monthly water bills. Use no VOC paints for any paint job in your bathroom. Use wood made from sustainable harvested wood or even use recycled glass tiles for your countertops.
  5. Get a Sweep Through
    Is everything finally ready? They all you just need is a quick clean and sweep to make sure that everything in your newly renovated bathroom is in place.

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