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Stack’it by Slingshot

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If you have noticed, furniture or appliances which can pull double or triple duty has been the recurring theme in my latest ”Insight on how to Maximise your Space” series.

I am a firm believer in products which can configure, scale and extend since our lifestyle needs will eventually evolve over time. In fact, such merchandise helps to ensure that precious space is utilised effectively. Therefore, I feel that only products with multipurpose nature justify the price that homeowners have to pay.

Stack’it by Slingshot

Hence, in order to help homeowners identify such multifaceted home enhancement solutions, let me introduce to you Stack’it which has hit Singapore shores recently.

Stack’it is inherently a highly configurable shelving solution which is retailed by Slingshot, a local online store which offers simple yet elegant, de-cluttering and space maximising solutions.

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Stack’it unadorned design belies its exceedingly versatile nature; as its name implies, you can stack it anyway you like; horizontal or vertical. Hence, it can be used as a book shelf or as storage cum space divider or even used individually as a storage box! Furthermore, you can always add on additional modules whenever needed. In this way, you can personalize and inject a touch of individuality into your home interiors.

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Stylish Designer Wall Mounted Shelves

Aside from Stack’it, Slingshot also carries a wide array of modern designer wall mounted shelves. These stylish ready-made shelves come in a variety of shapes and sizes and therefore, are able to blend into many different home interior design themes effortlessly.


Aside from their obvious aesthetic appeal, these ready-made wall mounted shelves deliver functionality too! Homeowners can use them to display family pictures, trophies or paintings on the wall mounted shelves. Moreover, these shelves can double up as light weight storage shelves for books or even as a simple television console and so on to utilise vertical spatial space. As a result, they are perfect for any location at home!

Consultation Process

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Slingshot actually provides free consultation to assist homeowners who are still unsure on how to make the most of these products.

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Therefore to find out more, I made an appointment with Wesley, the amicable and energetic owner of Slingshot. On the day of the meeting, Wesley came for an onsite assessment and walked thorough our lifestyle and storage needs.



Our discussion eventually led to the recessed area under the windows. Stack’it is able to fully utilised this odd corner and tap into additional storage space; in fact it is a perfect fit! However, since Stack’it is going to be used on the parquet flooring, felt pads are also recommended.

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Product Observation


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Although the design of Stack’it is simple, it is actually very sturdy. In fact, it weighs around 7kg each and took us quite an effort to stack it.


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Stack’it comes in 2 sizes and the secret to its flexibility lies in these tiny holes around the edge which secures the stacked modules firmly. Furthermore, each Stack’it module comes bundled with a removable mini shelf.



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Stack’it is available in 3 yummylicious colors; pristine white, silk and oak. We finally chose Stack’it in silk because we fell hopelessly in love with its textured surface.



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To help to keep the costs low, Stack’it will be available in flatpacks, with detailed easy to follow self-assembly instruction sheet.

My Thoughts

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The personal consultation session is very useful if you are unsure whether if the product suits your lifestyle and needs. However, if you already have engaged the home interior professionals for your home remodel, you should work closely with them to see how Stack’it and wall mounted shelves are able to fit into the overall home interior design. Besides, your home interior professionals might surprise you with their innovative design proposals!

For readers who wish to find out more about what Slingshot has to offer, you can catch Slingshot in action with their latest product offering at the MARCH HOME 2014 (Expo Hall 7) from 22nd to 30th March 2014 this week!





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