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Scent Or Sense? Use Scented Candles Effectively

kornig-scented-block-candleKORNIG Scented Block Candle from IKEA

If you step into a room with a sparkle of glowing light and “warm” fresh aroma, a scented candle is probably lit somewhere.

Scented candles, as the name implies, are scented with scented oil during the manufacturing process. They can be used in any room of the house, from the bathroom to the kitchen to the bedrooms. Also known as “mood creators”, these candles are usually lit in the bedroom to create a romantic ambience or in the living room to enhance the relaxing mood after a hard day’s work.

Scents can stimulate one’s sense of smell, so it is important to use scented candles effectively to achieve their optimum effect.

Tips on using scented candles

With a wide variety of commercial scented candles available, do exercise caution when choosing the scents suitable for your home.

crate-and-barrel-tree-candlesTree Candle from Crate & Barrel

The Dos
Choose the correct scent for the correct area, mood or season:

In smaller enclosed spaces with little ventilation like the bathroom, light scents such as florals are perfect. A strong aroma would be too overpowering. Citrus scents create a clean and fresh fragrance, so they go well with the kitchen.

lavender-scented-inclusion-candleLavender-Scented Inclusion Candle from Crate & Barrel

Floral fragrances of rose are perfect for setting the right mood when spending moments with that special someone. When feeling stressed, light a jasmine scented candle to relax the night away.

Fruity smells of pomegranate and watermelon would do great wonders during months of dry spell. Select floral scents of lilac and violet during spring time such as the lunar new year. At Christmas, a combination of cinnamon and apple scents would remind guests of Christmas bakes.

“Concoct” scents to suit your liking by placing different candles next to each other. For example, scents of cranberry, strawberry and mango can be burned together to create a “very berry” fragrance. However, take care to ensure that the scent combinations are not too overwhelming. Experiment with your favourite scents to create personalised “smells” that are perfect for your family!

hush-candle-gift-setGift Set of Three Candles from Hush Candle

The Don’ts

Do not light too many candles of different scents in any area even if it is spacious. This is to avoid overpowering one’s senses.

Try not to mask any unpleasant or persistent odour by using scented candles. This can result in weird smells and the “smelly” problem is still unresolved.

Burning a scented candle when having meals is not recommended. Scent is closely linked to taste, thus a constant aroma might compete with food tasting. This can affect one’s appetite and gourmet enjoyment. It is true that scents can be used to pre-set the mood for a romantic dinner. However, unscented dinner candles would provide the expected ambience while the initial fragrance lingers subtly throughout the night.

Tips on choosing scented candles

“Expensive” scented candles do not necessarily imply that they are healthier, stronger or more effective than reasonably priced ones. Buying within your budget is the best guide.

When you smell a non-lit candle and it smells “just right” to you (meaning it is not too strong for your nose), it is likely not to smell stronger than when the candle burns. On the other hand, if a non-lit candle smells too strong, it is likely to smell stronger when it is being burned. Choose the level of intensity according to your preference.

product-candle-orvaOriental Candle from Oo La Lab

Scented candles can add much pleasure to one’s lifestyle if they are selected and used appropriately. Smell and lit the candles, and have fun!

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