Our interior designer at Authors Interior & Styling is Garrett, and we really count our blessings to have met him for the renovation of our very first home. There are so many good things we can say about him; sincere, helpful, detailed, experienced, knowledgeable, responsible, honest and humble; are the key traits that summarized our experience with him. During the design phase, Garrett relentlessly spent a lot of time and effort to come up with many draft ideas to ensure that we reach a consensus on the ideal design before proceeding with the renovation; main reason is because he believes in delivering value for all of his customers. He also provided valuable inputs and gave many good suggestions during the design of our house; from the shape of our study table, where the mirror should be facing, to the design of the the furniture / lightings we can consider getting, the list goes on. We really love his transparent approach and open-minded nature; which makes it so easy to discuss things with him without any fear that we would be bombed with exorbitant charges (compared to those horrible stories we hear and see online). “Chin cai” is the word; but his chin-cai-nees did not once negate his sense of responsibility and the principles he has as it relates to achieving high quality for the service he is providing. He also went the extra mile to help us to coordinate with the external contractors that we have engaged, and give us meaning insights and advice, which makes our house planning a seamless and smooth process. In all, the experience with Garrett made our renovation journey such a breeze for both my wife and I, given our commitments. We did not have to constantly check-in on the progress or work quality of our renovations because Garrett followed up on the various milestones in our renovation schedule diligently, which put our minds at ease and that we never have to worry a single bit. We will definitely hire Garrett again because we honestly don’t think we can meet a better ID. The workmanship of the sub-contractors that Authors engage are also worthy of a mention. The workmanship in general is of high quality and as with all handcrafted work, there are bound to be some slight defects that require touch ups; but these, in our opinion, are really minor and minimal. Garrett as always, is ever ready to fix all these issues even after handover. We are truly so thankful for the amazing renovation journey and we have been introducing him to our family and friends simply because our experience within him is really that good. To quote my wife; “everyone who has a busy schedule or rushing to move into your new home will definitely appreciate an ID like Garrett; the last thing one would want is to hire an ID, and yet have to micromanage your ID over the renovation process and worry about the quality of the workmanship”. Garrett really deserves all the thumbs up and we strongly recommend him! Thanks Garett and Authors for the wonderful experience!