Stepher from Elpis came highly recommended, and we are glad we engaged them to design and build our lovely ‘resort’ from scratch.

Having looked at numerous quotes, Elpis’ quote was the most transparent, and cost-effective. The quotation was extremely clear with every single line item detailed properly so you know exactly what you are paying for. I liked the fact that Stepher was honest in his quotation and even helped me to cut cost by eliminating unnecessary work, and even asking me to find other suppliers for non-integral works such as my window grilles etc. (and yet offering to help me supervise the installations).

Stepher also listened attentively to our requirements, yet adding his own artistic touch, turning our kitchen into a masterpiece that we enjoy cooking in every single day. I was extremely impressed with his attention to details when we went shopping for tiles and we took 4 different samples of mosaic and he scanned them all in, and drew them into his 3D drawings to let us see the overall effect for every single one of them!

Stepher’s experience and knowledge in this line were also extremely valuable. He was able to pre-empt and highlight potential issues in our requirement and provide alternatives promptly. I wouldn’t have imagined what would happen if we proceeded with several of our requests only to discover the jarring error made!

When issues occurred during the renovation (which is inevitable in my opinion), Stepher handled them promptly, assessing all available options and discussing them with me. There was no shirking of responsibility or playing of the blame game. He was very professional and determined to deliver on his promise.

Since delivery, we have lived in for > 6 months. We have had our fair share of minor detects and when contacted, the response is always prompt as before and the rectification work was arranged and completed promptly as well.

I have heard of many horror renovation stories, but engaging Elpis for my renovation works was a breeze for me! I am so pleased with their services that I have been raving about them to my friends and of course, they have also had their homes beautifully delivered by Elpis too!

If I would move house in the future, the choice for renovation is clear for me!
Many thanks to Stepher and his team!