We love our house and we have Stepher and Mengling to thank for it. Engaging Elpis was the best decision we made for the house. Stepher was methodical in finding out our requirements and preferences. His first drawing was already 90% to our final design. They were also very professional, letting us know at the onset the additional costs that would arise, for example, from our decision to hack one wall. They were also very responsive to the questions we pose on whatsapp, many times going the extra mile to find solutions for us. We also trusted them with the whole renovation, checking in not more than 5 times throughout the 2 months of renovation period! And they delivered!

Having moved in for a month, we found very few defects. For the remaining touch ups, we want to thank Mengling for being so on the ball getting the electrician, carpenter and painter to come by one after another. They even helped us fix the wall that was damaged by the piano movers. Thank you!