We were attended by a young chap named Jack even thro we did not make any prior appointment. Jack welcomed and attended to us promptly. Our first impression of Jack was that he seems to be a nice guy, approachable and knowledgeable in his field of work. In our mind, we were thinking what can Jack propose to us. Of course, Fifth Avenue was not the only ID firm we visited. Having read unpleasant experiences on renovation online, we decided to do our homework by checking out more ID firms.

In between our continual sourcing for suitable IDs, we met Jack for quite a few more times. Most of our meetings were held on weekdays, after our work hours. The meetings dragged for long hours while Jack tried to understand more of our needs and his counter proposals of ideas etc. Not forgetting Jack had always skipped his dinner to discuss with us till late at night, quite often even past midnight. And the fact is, at that point of time, we had not even firmed up which ID firm we shall entrust to complete our project. Despite that, Jack remained neutral and spent countless hours just to meet us to discuss and expand on our ideas.

As more meetings went by, we found Jack to be a sincere person. He is non-pushy and most importantly more than willing to impart his knowledge in advising us on how to make our dream becomes a reality. He is objective and knows how to blend aesthetic with practicality. When it comes to choosing a suitable ID, knowledge and price are top considerations for most new house owners. However, we also have another set of criteria. We must feel comfortable when working with the selected ID so that communication with him or her will not be a pain during our renovation journey.

Finally, after numerous meetings with Jack and other two shortlisted IDs from other ID firms, we selected Jack to be our ID because we feel that he is responsive, responsible and have the confidence not only to complete our project to what we want but at the same time able to have the command and control over his contractors.

As a new house owner, we were not expert when it comes to defects checking. Jack volunteered to come over and carefully checked each and every corner of our house despite his busy schedule then. While we were overseas holidaying, Jack had kept us posted on the updates of progress almost on a daily basis.

Jack had used his initiative to help us covered up the bomb shelter ventilation, something we did not discuss previously. We were grateful he had used his initiative to ensure perfectness to our home.

There was one night we went up to our house to discuss our furniture placements etc. The place was dark (no lights installed yet at that point of time), and it was past midnight. Suddenly we heard someone opening the main gate. We were shocked as we were not expecting anyone at that time since contractors/workers had already knocked off long ago. Guess who showed up?! Jack! Way past 12 midnight and he was there to do the inspection of work done by his workers earlier during the day! While we were surprised by his presence, we were much more impressed by Jack’s dedication and commitment to ensure work done in order. He had also asked the contractors to do up the skirting for the base to our fridge, using the different tones from our flooring vinyl. The design was beautifully done up. Again, this was not something we had discussed before. Jack had again used his initiative to help us improve the overall look of our home.

Of course, there were some minor workmanship issues after the rush. Good thing to note, even before we did our defects checking, Jack had already done his rounds and had already highlighted the defects to his contractors. The defects were mostly settled promptly without having us to chase him for rectifications.

Then came the big day for us to move into our newly renovated house. On this big day, Jack even bought his family over to congratulate us on our moving despite his busy schedule! We were so happy to see Jack and his family, but at the same time apologetic to his wife for all the extended meetings we had with Jack when we were in the planning stage of our house renovation. Lucky for us, Jack’s wife is very understanding. Once again we were touched by Jack’s sincerity…

Even after making our final payment to Fifth Avenue, we spoke to Jack about some enhancements we would like to have. Jack attended promptly to our request and provided us with a reasonable quote. Jack also helped to coordinate the work to be done at our convenience too. In addition, Jack had gone the extra mile to help us source for suitable brackets for our TV and ironing board! And he did not even accept our payment for this additional stuff he helped us buy.

In conclusion, we are very pleased with the final product Jack had delivered. We had never regretted at any point throughout our renovation journey in selecting Fifth Avenue or Jack. Jack had delivered a great piece of work, the ideal home in our mind had actualized. Jack had done an extraordinary job, and we are proud of him for a project well done. We will not hesitate to recommend Jack to anyone who is looking for a sincere, knowledgeable and trustworthy ID.