A very big THANK YOU!!!! To SHU XIAN ( Senior Designer of Inspire ID Group ).

She did a very excellent job which she turn our 3D drawing into reality. Every single detail wasn’t left out, from drawing of 3D design to even till choose the colors for our sofa. All thanks to her professional advise that so we can get the correct furniture to suit our design theme home.

As a in-house senior designer, she is definitely super busy (might not able to get her at times) But surprisingly she will be fully aware of what’s going on with the renos and contractors on site.
Well of coz there will be unhappiness happens during reno due to certain issue with contractors yet she can handles her contractor really well.

Myself and my wife are proud to have SHU XIAN as our lovely nest interior designer. Thank you for leaving with all my guest with a “WOW” after visiting my lovely nest!!!