Started my reno research about 1 year before collecting the keys to my new house and Space Atelier was one of the first IDs I approached for a quotation. My wife and I met with Jeff Gan, and from the first meeting, it was clear that Jeff could understand what we wanted and give good recommendations based on our requirements.

Even though we had not decided on which ID to engage given the long wait for our keys, Jeff checked in with us and brought us to his completed projects so we could check out the workmanship and quality of his projects. While there were other IDs I shortlisted offering lower quotations, Jeff’s sincerity, ideas and project management skills based on what we saw convinced us to engage him.

True enough, our renovation journey was very smooth and Jeff exceeded our expectations in every aspect. He gave very practical and useful suggestions everytime we were stuck with a choice, be it the colour of our bedroom walls, or where our drawers/cabinets should be. He wasn’t insistent on his ideas, and always deferred the final decision to us.

Apart from his great ideas, he is also an excellent project manager, always keeping us updated on the status of the renovation through timely WhatsApp updates. There were hardly any hiccups and whatever requests to change certain pre-agreed stuff (such as the orientation of our ceiling/pendant lights) were done instantly. Jeff was also able to complete our renovation ahead of the agreed deadline. We were very pleased with the whole experience and have been really enjoying life in our new home.