First thing first, for many couples in Singapore, cost was the first thing on our minds since we said “I do”. Tues’ quotation for our requirements was not the cheapest of the 25 quotes we had. For the same amount of work we required, the quotes we had ranged from $20k to $75k. The range was vast. The IDs we met mainly cited premium materials or expeditious delivery for high costs, and direct contractor pricing for the lower costs. My spouse and I were in for none of those like any Singaporean. We wanted quality at a reasonable price. Tues’ quote was just that, quality at a reasonable price.

Of the five IDs we narrowed down to, we didn’t have chemistry with two of them. Their work preferences and communication styles were quite different from my spouse and I. My two cents is that chemistry with the ID is a pivotal part of our renovation journey. Simply put, it is important that you and your spouse like the ID and his style. During our journey, Tues was able to strike a balance between the needs and wants of both my spouse and I. We had our preferences, and Tues was able to guide us with his wealth of experience and expertise to cater to both our wants.

Tues was competent in the field. On top of knowing his stuff, he value adds in many areas that other IDs may not. Simple stuffs such as (1) using door handle in the bathroom to double up as towel rack, (2) catering leg room by slanting our settee by 10 degrees so we can seat more comfortably or (3) dimensioning our appliances so our place is literally Renovated To Order. These things could easily be overlooked by other IDs, and had Tues not mention these considerations to us in the process, we would surely have missed some of these details as we were none the wiser. Tues was not only competent, but also value added to the fine experience we had.

Tues included, we still had three IDs that met our initial cut. The two were eliminated because of this reason. During our initial discussion with these three IDs, we requested to see their work-in-progress (WIP) houses. Of these WIP houses, we stated our requirements to see the various phases of work we would like to see. (1) Between 30 to 50% completion, (2) Between 70 to 90% completion and (3) Completed renovations that are ready to be handed over or already handed over. All three IDs were willing to let us see (3), but only Tues showed us (1) and (2). This may seem trivial, but we believe that the means are as important as the ends. There are several revelation that comes with seeing (1) and (2). First, it would show us the ability of the ID to control the renovation process and his associates. Second, it tells a lot about the ID’s style of work. Tues is very particular with cleanliness. So the way his associates worked, from painter to flooring, the journey was reasonably clean. One example was Tues not allowing his associates/workers smoking within our house, regardless of renovation phase. I appreciated the control he had and the respect he commanded over his associates/workers. To me this was remarkable.

This may be similar to our chemistry with Tues, but many IDs we engaged were not interested in us because we had not collected our keys yet. However, Tues bothered to follow up with us for a good 6 months, updating us on his renovation projects and of course, answering our questions along the way. To us this won us over, because of Tues’ care for his clients and his passion for the renovation work, we know that we were not just a number in his career.

In the final analysis, perhaps you can consider the 5Cs mentioned here, and compare for yourself before you decide on an ID for your home.