Project: Blk 534 Woodlands Dr 14

From Interior Design became a friend to us. The first time we came to CASA ID to quote for our renovation was welcome by this gentleman, Paul Low. To be frank, we have no intention in engaging CASA ID during that period of time but as soon as we sat down and informed him on what we wanted for our new house, he literally sketched a design for us by using pencil, eraser, correction tape and a piece of ruler. Measuring every single dimension as accurate as possible after looking at our floor plan. His method in preparing the sketch plan using correction tape was very unique.

Once the sketched has completed, he then quoted us the price for our renovation. Thus we went back and start making a decision on which company we intended to take. After making few comparisons and discussions between contractors and few IDs, both my wife and I decided to engage paul CASA ID as firstly, he had taken the initiative to sketch neatly for us to imagine our new house, on how it gonna be like which I’m already attracted to it. And secondly, the price given was rather reasonable and fits our budget compared to other companies.

Paul is patience, trustworthy, a joker, honest and a person who uphold the standard of CASA ID’s reputation. As the journey began, Paul will always be there for us whenever we were facing difficulties and also had our ‘back’. He is also an advisor to us which he’d come out with several ideas for our new house. Paul had also guided us throughout the whole journey from tearing down the old unit and make it into our dream and comfortable place for us to live. Although he looked like ‘Ah Beng’ 😅 and there were several hiccups during the journey, paul calmly settled the issues fast and professionally. Paul also helped us a lot in handling the example of the issues; the nightmare experiences with our UTPON aircon company, the broken kitchen sink and also the broken toilet lit cover etc. Although certain issues do not involve him in the picture, he is kind enough to help and settle things out nicely.

If I were to give Paul a performance bonus, for overall, I would give him an ‘A’ for his passion and dedication in work. And also ‘Coconut shake’ don’t forget paul. 😂 I would strongly recommend CASA ID and this gentleman here Paul for your renovation services. I wish CASA ID all the best and will be a blossoming company in near future. Thank you once again bro!