I have my house renovated last year and I would like to give a big thanks to Ivan Yeo, my ID from I-Chapter. I must say I’m really impressed by his service and professionalism. Always go to the extra mile to resolve any issue that arose. What was impressed when I met him for the first time to discuss, his understand my needs and concepts that I want. Makes recommendations according to my lifestyles with his brilliant ideas and design creation. Ivan is accommodating, helpful, responsible, eye for detail & fast in attending to any problem, concern or queries that I have. Generally, I don’t keep coming to check on the house often. And I could ask him for ideas and opinions on my house furnishing, and guess what, his professional advice and ideas eventually turned it was amazingly beautiful to my house.

Overall, everything went very smooth. It was almost entirely hassled free and I was able to be at ease with the development with little worries.

Dedicated and passionate ID who takes ownership of his work well. I highly recommend Ivan from I-Chapter.