We are really glad to have De Wei and Jason as our IDs after meeting quite a lot of IDs. They have really transformed our house from nothing to something so cosy and comfortable to stay in. Their design of our new house excels in both functionality and looks.

During the whole period of discussion with them, they were really patient with us as first-time homeowners wanting to have everything we want for our place, going back and forth, giving practical suggestions and explaining to us. They were also very prompt with their answers to our queries which matters to us, as we appreciated the constant communication that we had. The 3D drawings by De Wei and the hand-sketch designs by Jason impress us and help us to visualize well.

Even though the keys to our house was delayed, they still asked us for the update every now and then. When the renovation began, De Wei and Jason worked together to ensure that all goes according to plan and to be finished as soon as possible for us to move in. Although we gave them a very tight deadline to work with, they managed to complete in on time and also a job well done. We were happy with the timely updates that they provided during the renovation and the trust we had with them which made us worry-free.

As we were rushing them to finish the renovation for us to move in, there were some minor issues that came out after that. However, we are glad that De Wei continued to provide the after-service to rectify the remaining issues even when the full payment had been made.

We will definitely highly recommend their fantastic renovation service, both De Wei and Jason!