We would like to specially thanks Eugene from SHE Interior Design for the excellent work and design he has done for our home renovation.

Eugene is very experienced because he can really understand what we want and propose the design to fulfil our requirements. When he gave us the first draft of his 3D drawing, we immediately fell in love with it. Throughout the renovation, he is very patient and open to our idea and preference, he is also very accommodating especially he doesn’t mind to fulfil our last minute requests or changes. Eugene is also very fast and responsive, he is always contactable and constantly give us update on the renovation progress.

All details of the carpentry works are done by him. He is able to guide us from material selection to colour matching and advice us the dimension of the carpentry. So far we love his design and we are very satisfied with the quality and his workmanship. Well done Eugene and we will definitely recommend him to our families and friends!